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For the bridal party

Having your bridal party wear Capelio wedding hair accessories have great advantages for your wedding day :

Creating a visual harmony

More and more brides allow their bridesmaids to choose and buy their own dresses for the wedding day according to their tastes and budgets with a common guideline, such as the color or style of dress to select. Identical wedding hair accessories worn by each bridesmaid and the bridal party will then be used to create a visual unity among them. Like with those Julie hairclips that are identical but whose ribbon is a different color for each : 


Give wedding hair accessories as a thank-you gift to your bridal party

It is customary to offer members of the bridal party a gift to thank them for their participation in our wedding and recognize their efforts in the preparations. Some brides will kill two birds with one stone by offering as gifts to their bridesmaids, flower girls and maid-of-honor a hair accessory that they can wear both during the ceremony and reception, but also after the special day. A good idea that is both practical and economical!

Emphasize the role of each
member of the bridal party

Each member of the bridal party has a unique role to play during the ceremony and reception, as well as a special relationship to the bride. Why not emphasize thisby having similar wedding hair accessories but at the same time distinct? The chosen accessories can also show the personality of each!

Here is an example of Pauline, a Toronto bride who chose to adapt the Ireland bridal headpiece for her four bridesmaids, her maid-of-honor and the flower girl:


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For the bridesmaids

One of the options available to you is to make custom Capelios. It is also possible to simply order an accessory for the fashionista in your wedding colors for your bridesmaids. Another alternative would also choose an accessory for the bride and adapt it to suit your taste, for example by removing the veil or changing the color.

No inspiration? Do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions of wedding hair accessories to suit to the theme of your wedding, the style of the day and/or dresses for your bridesmaids.

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For the mother of the bride

… Or of the groom, of course! Capelio had the chance to style the mothers of the bride and groom many times. In fact, sometimes it’s the moms who take charge of the order and handling of the accessories for the entire bridal party!

Mothers often opt for a custom-made wedding hair accessory to match in every detail their dresses. Here are some of Capelio custom creation for the mothers of brides and grooms:

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For flower girls

As for the mothers of brides, Capelio has already made custom wedding hair accessories specifically for flower girls. Find an existing model in our online store and write to us so we can adapt it for you flower girl and in the colors you want!


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