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How to choose my fascinator

 The occasion

Some people think that a fascinator is better suited for special occasions, and indeed you can wear a hair accessory for a wedding, a cocktail party or a mondain event, like the Diner en Blanc, for example. But the good news is, while such events are ideal to wear fascinators, know that you can also wear your accessory for a night out, dinner with friends or even at work.

Keep in mind, the most formal an occasion, the bigger the fascinator or headpiece can be. Which means in casual settings, such as at work, a fascinator on a hair clip or a headband would work better.

If you’re looking for a hair accessory for a special event, you can always ask the event planner for the dress code.

In the case of a wedding where you are a guest, consider choosing an accessory that will complement your outfit well without upstaging the bride.

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The style

If you intend to wear a rather simple dress, why not choose a statement headpiece, as the Voltaire, to spice up your outfit? If, on the contrary, you’re wearing a detailed and eye-catching dress, a little more discreet fascinator will be an excellent choice.

Do you have to be dressed to the nine to wear a fascinator? Not at all! A Capelio can precisely bring a touch of sophistication and elegance when you wear jeans or go for a more casual look, creating a very interesting contrast!

A headdress on a hair clip or on a comb will go better with a fancy hairstyle, such as a bun or a braid. A larger headpiece will go best if your hair is down. If you’re wearing your hair loose, a Capelio on a headband would be a great choice as well.

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The woman

Of course, one of the main important thing to consider when choosing your hair accessory is, well, you!

Your accessory can be a good way to enhance what you like about yourself; for example if you have beautiful blue eyes, choosing a Capelio in the same shade is a great way to make them stand out.

Your type of hair is another important point to take into consideration. If you have thin hair, for example, a headpiece on a comb will be more difficult to wear, unless you wear it with a bun or ponytail for example. It usually pairs better with a small accessory as well. On the other side, thick or curly hair looks amazing with a larger fascinator – otherwise it would get “lost” in the hair.


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