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How to wear a fascinator with short hair

Fascinators are for everyone, even if you have short hair!

Choosing your fascinator

Designs on headbands, such as Melanie or Eye of the Peacock, are the easiest to wear throughout the day and night without having to touch up your hair do. Indeed  the accessory will always maintain a strong grasp, no matter the length or thickness of your hair.

You can also wear a fascinator on a hair clip even if you have short hair, like the Marianne, Julie or Janie. If your hair is very thick it shouldn’t be a problem. But in case if your hair is on the thin side, or you simply want your fascinator to have a firmer grasp in your hair, here’s a simple trick : place a bobby pin in your hair close to where you want to wear your headpiece before sliding your fascinator. For even better support, simply add more bobby pins!

Designs on a comb can be a bit tricky. You really need to have thick hair to wear it easily without having to replace it throughout the day and night. That’s why you should keep in mind that if you really like a particular design that happens to be offered on a comb, like the Catherine, we can always adapt it for you on a headband or a hair clip – just write to us first to make sure it’s possible and so we can do it when fulfilling your order!


Wearing your fascinator

There’s not a wrong or a right hairstyle for wearing fascinator : it’s a matter of personal taste, including for short hair. Since it can be difficult to change hairstyle with short hair, wearing a fascinator can be a great way to change your look and complement an outfit, while enhancing the elegance of a woman, without having to change your hair.

Like any other hairstyle, a fascinator worn with short hair should go with your outfit and personal style. Know that even with short hair, you can wear a lot of different fascinators. Even bigger headpieces, like the Voltaire, can look fantastic with short hair, as long as you feel comfortable and you keep your head high. The only rule is : if you like it, wear it!

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Photos : Simon Trudeau

For the bride with short hair

Of course, the same tips and advices apply when you’re choosing and wearing your wedding hair accessory. Just remember that being confortable is even more important, of course, because you don’t want to have to touch up your hair during the night. Choosing a fascinator, veil or headpiece with a good grasp in your hair and discussing it with your hair stylist will be very important as well.

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