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How to wear my fascinator

We often get asked, how shall I wear my fascinator? Do I have to wear it with my hair up or can I wear a headpiece with my hair loose? Is it better to place it on the top of the head, or on the side …? Here are some answers for you!

The position

If you’re planning to wear your fascinator for a special occasion or event, it is a good idea to practice beforehand to see which position you prefer, depending on the hairstyle or your outfit. Place your headpiece on various places on your head to see where you prefer it to be.

A fascinator, headpiece or hair accessory isn’t a hat. It is generally worn on the side of the head rather than on top of it. It can be close to your forehead, just above the ear or close to the back of the head – it really is a matter of taste. As long as you like it and you feel comfortable, it’s perfect!


The hairstyle

You should have chosen your hair accessory with your hairstyle in mind, but here’s a reminder: if you’re planning to wear to hair loose, a design on a headband or a larger fascinator is perfect. If you’re thinking about having an elaborate hairstyle, a headpiece on a hair clip or a comb will look amazing.

Here’s a tip that will surprise you: don’t wash your hair the day of the event. Dirty hair holds hair clips and pins better than freshly washed hair, so washing your hair the day before the event would be best.

A fascinator on a comb or even hair clip will hold better on hair with volume, so if needed you can tease the hair with a brush or a comb to make sure it stays firmly in its position. You can use volumizing hairspray as well, but do so before placing your headpiece since some materials, such as feathers, can be sensitive to chemical products.

Make sure your hair is perfectly done before installing your Capelio. If needed, add bobbypins and bring some with you. They are always very useful to maintain your hairstyle, and remember that you can pin bobyppin in the teeth of a comb for a better grip.



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