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Weddings require a lot of planning, and not just for the bride and groom. In addition to finding a gift, prepare transportation and more, we must find THE dress that will look good, showing we care about the occasion but without looking like we want to steal the show. That’s why more and more wedding guests rely on accessories to enhance their look without having to buy a new dress or outfit each time.

Choose a classic dress you will wear at various weddings simply by matching it with different accessories – something you’re confortable in and that you like. Add a Capelio hair accessory or headpiece, a jewelry  piece that is both chic and discreet, maybe a shawl, and voila!

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Choose your hair accessory

Nobody wants to steal the spotlight from the bride or seem like they want to attract attention. To avoid this, simply refer to the theme of the wedding to make sure you will fit nicely. Other elements may give you clues : for example, the wedding venue can easily indicate if it’s a more relaxed affair or a formal wedding. Indeed if the couple are hosting the guests in their backyard, we can assume the tone of the wedding will be simpler than, say, at a big hotel. Dress accordingly!

  • How to choose my fascinator, headpiece, hair accessory or headdress

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It may seem surprising, but in fact the size of your headpiece is proportional to your role in the day. The closer you are to the newlyweds, the bigger your Capelio fascinator can be. This is why it is not uncommon for the mother of the bride or the groom to wear a large headress or a hat.

Avoid anything that can have a bridal connotation. A white accessory can be fine, but make sure it can not be confused with a veil or headpiece the bride.

The most important thing for a successful look is your accessory in harmony with your outfit. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice:


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