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Custom made and bespoke hair accessories

You want a unique, bespoke hair accessory?

It is possible with Capelio! Contact us to discuss your custom made fascinator. The price of the headpiece will depend on the time of creation, the materials, etc. Even if you don’t live in Quebec City, where Capelio is based, you can still have a bespoke Capelio hair accessory : click here to read how we can proceed at long distance!

How do we proceed?

  1. We discuss your tastes and needs.
  2. Once you have approuved of a sketch, we send you a quote.
  3. Once the quote is accepted, you send us a (non-refundable) deposit.
  4. Calculate one month (maximum) to receive your Capelio. Photos are sent during the process to ensure the accessory suits your tastes.
  5. After receipt of the final payment, we will send you your custom hair accessories!



If you can think of it, we can do it!

The great advantage of having a custom piece is that we can create something that reflects perfectly your taste and personality.

For example, Catherine Gerin, owner of the company Noir Café, wanted an elegant headpiece, of course, but also a fascinator that would reflect her love for coffee.

And here it is: a beautiful and unique Capelio inspired by the coffee flower, with real coffee beans!



Here are some examples of custom made Capelio fascinators and bespoke hair accessories :






Can I have a custom made fascinator even though if I don’t live in Quebec City?
What’s the difference between a regular fascinator and a custom headpiece?


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