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Wedding trend : Winter weddings

7 March 2015
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The holiday season is traditionally a popular time for proposals, with weddings mostly celebrated in the summer. In fact, the season of weddings seems to be constatnly growing: whereas  weddings were before usually celebrated during the warm days until early September, now the festivities easily take place well into the end of October. But a new trend is coming our way : winter weddings! Indeed, more and more couples choose to have a winter wedding and while the summer is still the most popular seasonfor the ceremony & reception, winter weddings certainly have some great advantages…
Winter weddings : intimate & affordable
Given the popularity of weddings is the rise, it can be more and more difficult to book a venue on the chosen dates, and thus some couples decide to celebrate their unions during the winter. Of course, it is not possible to make the ceremony or reception outside. Not to mention that unless you’re very brave, outdoor photo sessions of several hours are to be avoided. But a winter wedding can not only be charming, but also have many benefits as well! First, during the holidays, family and friends have gathered around you, and you already have days away from work! Also, since it’s the off-season, prices will be better for hotels, venues, etc., and probably you will have a more convenient choice of dates.

But one of the advantages of a wedding in the winter, in addition to these technical details, is definitely the ambiance. Since it is more difficult for the guests to go outside, the atmosphere has a more intimate vibe. The sunset comes earlier, so everyone can enjoy it, and there is no chance of rain! The most romantic couples will want to get married on February 14 of course, which is a great idea. Christmas and New Year as well, but some guests may have other plans


Choosing your veil, fascinator or headpiece for a winter wedding
To avoid a possible accident, it is best to choose a Capelio without feathers. Unfortunately, feathers are very sensitive to humidity and water. So if you want to wear your accessory both during the ceremony and the reception without having to worry about it, it would be wise to choose a bridal accessory made entirely of fabric. It’s the case of a veil, like Simplicity, of course. But for those who prefer a headpiece or a fascinator, a Penny can be a great option, as well as a Cathy or Betty.
Sinamay is also a sensitive material to water. Of course, these precautions are not necessary if you plan to stay inside, but if you want to take a few photos outside or if it snows a lot, remember to be careful!



Here are some pics of a winter wedding in Quebec City at the Ice Hotel to inspire you :







Photo credit : Jonathan Robert

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