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Wedding trend : Autumn weddings

25 September 2016
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It is well known that the wedding season is summer, more precisely from May to August. However, speaking with other professionals of the wedding industry, we have recently realized that more and more couples opt out to celebrate their love during the summer and instead choose to organize their wedding in September or even October. This is not exactly a new trend: in recent years, many weddings took place until late October. But it seems that this year, while the autumn months are gaining popularity, in July is becoming increasingly quiet!

And one can easily understand why many couples choose to marry in the fall rather than the summer. The autumnal scenery is beautiful and the surrounding colors, during fine weather, are breathtaking. Also, this way, you avoid the risk of heat waves. Some will say that the season is more prone to rainy weather, but the truth is, it could rain on your wedding day regardless if it takes place in the summer or during the fall.

Obviously, as for winter weddings, depending on the weather, your guests might not have the option to venture outside if it’s too cool outside. But if it is to bring everyone on the dance floor, why not?

Planning a fall wedding is easier in a way, since the summer vacations are over. With this growing popularity, it is possible that our wedding fell on the same day as the one of an acquaintance, but generally it’s easy to find a wedding date and a satisfying place for the couple. You might not have off-season discouts for the venue and other services, but it is possible to do last minute shopping for the bridesmaids outfits for example.

In fact, whether you choose to organize your wedding in autumn, winter or during the regular season, the choice is a very personal decision. It is interesting to see couples abandon the usual expectations of traditional weddings for more personal options. The fall season might be special for you, for example if you met during autumn!

Wondering if a fall wedding is for you? Do some research, call various venues to see if there is availability and good prices, check with your loves to know their opinion and if the majority could attend. Did you hire a wedding planner? Talk to her before choosing the date to know her opinion: Maybe she has organized a wedding in the fall before and will make you great recommendations. And do not hesitate to browse Pinterest and wedding blogs for inspiration!

To get inspired, here are some pictures of Chantal’s wedding, one of our beautiful clients  :

bride groom exchanging vows wedding ceremony photography

bridesmaids, mother of the bride, bride, groom ceremony photography wedding blog

bride groom kissing daughter wedding photography


Check more photos from Chantal’s wedding

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