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How to buy safely on the Internet for your wedding

19 August 2013
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As mentioned earlier, I put a lot of effort on Capelio’s online store, of which I am very proud. However, I questioned the reliability of buying on the Internet by reading the news this week of a bride who ordered her cake on Ebay and was extremely disappointed with the result. In fact, she even re-auctionned it on the website. One can easily understand her disappointment, when she was expecting a culinary work inspired by car tires, but rather received a creation with a strange color and curious shape, leaning to the side.

In recent years, the Internet has revolutionized the wedding industry. Many brides are now documenting the preparations for the big day on a blog, sites like Pinterest replaced the magazines we flipped for hours to find the perfect dress or simply to be inspired.

But brides go even further, with more and more of them buying their outfits on the net. In fact, I heard many times that brides and graduates obtained their dresses for their weddings or their proms online, from the women themselves as well as storeowners. But as with the upset bride who didn’t get her promised cake, no one is immune to disappointment when the item purchased is not up to the images online.

It is true that the Internet may offer the opportunity to purchase a dress or a bouquet at a lower cost. The problem is that anyone can create a Facebook page or website by putting pictures of other people’s creations, passing them off as their own. Couples looking for a bargain may think that the company in question is a professional one made of experts when in fact they deal with amateurs simply wanting to profit from their hobby.

Personally, I noticed a year ago, since the beginning of Capelio’s online store, the benefits of having bridal accessories available online. Many of my clients have mentioned being disappointed with the options available in stores, which are often poor choice if you do not want a “veil princess” or in limited quality – for them, to shop online for a fascinator or birdcage veil online became an excellent idea. Same for brides in remote areas who can not always travel to big cities to find the perfect headpiece.

So Internet may indeed be a great source of inspiration as well as a good virtual shopping center where to find the different pieces that will make your wedding a magical day. But caution and vigilance are essential.

My suggestions:
  • Do not hesitate to write to the seller for details on delivery, product quality, etc.. A good customer service usually indicates that it is a serious business, even if they are busy. (I know because I have already responded to customers in the middle of the night by email!)
  • Avoid sites like Ebay, where low price reigns over quality.
  • Order enough in advance to allow time to get a replacement in case you’re not satisfied or if the item should be modified.
  • Buy as locally as possible. It will be easier to do business with a company in Canada than far, far away in China in terms of delivery, customer service, etc.


For those of you who have purchased on the Internet, would you recommend the experience? Would you do it again? Do not hesitate to send us your stories by email (click here) or in the comments below!

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