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Unique bride, unique wedding hair accessories

29 March 2015
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Unique accessories, like you!

Each Capelio is handmade, after receiving your order, for you. That’s why, when you place order, it’s important to mention whether you want your Capelio in white or ivory. But you can also ask if it’s possible to do your headpiece in another color, to have the veil a little shorter, etc. For example, a bride wanted her Vivaldi to match her its purple bouquet, so we made her one with a feather flower but with white veil.

A wedding hair accessory exactly to your taste

It’s your wedding, so why compromise? While browsing the wedding hair accessories in our online store, you saw a design you like but you would like to make some changes? Contact us and we will be happy to see if it’s possible to dp those modifications. A wedding means so much details to take care of that it’s always nice to find inspiration and build on it to create the exact piece we want. That’s why having a look at the number of options available to you is a good start, but do not restrict your imagination either!

Estelle, a 2015 bride, loved the design of the Catherine’s feathers but wanted something different, unique, with a jewel piece. We took a Catherine and, feather by feather, recreated the same form around a jewelry Estelle selected from our possible options. And voilà!


(Left : The original wedding hair accessory, Right : Estelle’s version)

The same goes for Anne-Marie, a 2014 brided, who had told her stylist she loved the “Cathy” but didn’t want to have the birdcage veil passing in front of her face. After we suggested several possible options, the bride and her stylist chose a simple version, with the veil folded under the flowers and with a hair clip rather than comb:


 (Left : The original wedding hair accessory, Right : Anne-Marie’s version)

If you can imagine it, we can do it!

Another option popular with many brides (but not all!) is, of course, to go for a custom piece. To see many of the custom-made Capelio fascinators, click here. And remember, even if you are not based in Quebec City, it is still possible for you to have a custom headpiece or veil. In fact, most of the custom Capelio are created by communicating through emails, even when the bride lives in Quebec City. After all, everyone knows that brides are very, very busy, so it is often easier to talk online!


Need suggestions?

If you hesitate between several Capelio fascinators or if you would like to have suggestions, please email us with pictures of your wedding dress, your hairstyle, etc. And we will be happy to advise you!

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