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Capelio at Tristan

8 June 2014
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It’s now official: Capelio is at Tristan!

Of course the whole process didn’t start yesterday; it’s been several months since the two companies work together to ensure that all Canadian strong-headed women from coast to coast can feel beautiful and stylish this summer.

Therefore you can now find in one of 40 points of sale a capelio made of a crinoline bow with veil! This versatile accessory was designed to go well with a lot of outfits and is perfect for women of all ages.


Obviously, such good news deserves to be told, and the newspapers La Presse+ and Le Soleil have written about it for their readers. Furthermore, both media took the opportunity to show Capelio’s special collection for this summer, Summer is Magic, which consists of four flower crowns. You can read the articles, in French, in the media section.

And you, by which Capelio you will be tempted? The fascinator with veil for a chic occasion or a crown of flowers for a romantic look everyday? Why not both!

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