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The difference between regular accessories and a bespoke creation

8 February 2015
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We often have the impression that custom-made means more expensive than ready-to-wear – this is often the case with clothes, for example. This is not always, but sometimes, the case with Capelio. The price depends on the time required for the creation of the veil or headpiece, as well as the materials chosen. Surprisingly, make custom is not necessarily more expensive – it’s really a case by case basis. Let’s look at what can influence the price:


Making a custom fascinator takes considerably more time than making a regular hair accessory. First there is the time of conception: it is important to understand your tastes and create a sketch that you like to ensure that the end result matches what you want.

Subsequently, the preparation time is also longer since we regularly send you pictures to further ensure that the headpiece will please you. It’s also often necessary to adjust the piece and make changes according to your feedback. All this of course in order to create the Capelio of your dreams!


Did you know that it is sometimes necessary to do a flower, a bow or other details of the fascinator more than once to get the perfect result? This is why it is important to order a bit of extra material. In addition, some materials are more expensive when bought by unity and not in large quantities.

The good news is, in the case of Capelio, custom fascinators aren’t very different in terms of price from the regular collection. After discussing the Capelio headpiece you want, you receive a quote detailing the cost and delivery time – you can ask all the questions you want or make adjustments if needed!

Custom made Capelio fascinator

One of our latest custom made Capelio fascinator, before and after!

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