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The Butterfly Effect Collection

15 May 2016
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It's here! Finally, our special, limited-edition collection of 2016 is available: The Butterfly Effect, made with real butterflies!

This collection includes hair accessories perfor to wear everyday, as well as more elaborate headdresses and fascinators for special occasions. Note that you can choose the type and color of butterfly you want. It is preserved so you can wear it without fear of damaging the butterfly over time. Because the butterfly is on a hair clip, you can even wear it on its own and/or have more than one to wear on your headpiece and change it to match your outfit!

Here are the different design of our collection:


The Butterfly Effect was only available from May til September 2016. However, if you want one of the hair accessories of the collection, get in touch with us so we can see if we can make it for you!

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