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Wedding photography – behind the scene

24 July 2017
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You have seen the wonderful photos of the wedding photoshoot Capelio was in at the Batinse restaurant in my blog post about the vintage rustic wedding trend and the rustic chic wedding trend - not to mention, of course, the photos published in Mariage Québec (in French). But if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you were curious as well to see how such beautiful images were created!

Here is then pictures from behind the scene! I could not be there during the photoshoot unfortunately, but I gathered comments from a few of the various professionals in the wedding industry who worked together to create all this magic captured by the two photographers!

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Mélanie Vallerand, wedding coordinator at M Photography & Planning, who had the idea of the photo session in addition to orchestrating the whole thing, says: “Really my basic idea was to offer a different setting of what we usually see at weddings. An urban wedding but also romantic, like a young couple who wants to get married as if it were a dinner with friends.”

Stéphane Audet, one of the two photographers (with Jennifer Marcuson), adds: “I liked the rustic atmosphere of the Batinse restaurant, the cozy and warm ambiance there. “

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It is Olivia, from Coiffure du Château at le Château Frontenac, who created the two hairstyles of Charo, the bride of the day. “My inspiration for Charo came from her beautiful bone structure and natural elegance. For the first updo look I wanted to create a big shape that looked effortlessly put together and striking.”

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Olivia’s favorite moment of this special day? ”Watching the magic happen, being in sync with the other creatives on set and watching the beauty of the entire scene take form!”

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The photos behind the scenes are courtesy of Jennifer Marcuson, the second photographer at the photoshoot. “As a lifestyle photographer, for me it is exactly these ‘behind the scenes’ moments that I enjoy photographing the most. I consider myself to be a storyteller; my goal while photographing a wedding, or any shoot for that matter, is to tell the story in the most honest way possible.. by capturing the details, the moments between moments. For me that is real life, the beauty of photography, and the reason I do what I do. I want the people I photograph to be able to come back to these images for an eternity, generation after generation, and to be able to relive the experience as if it were yesterday.”

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Changing the wedding inspiration and therefore hairstyle as well, Olivia chose a natural look for the second portion of the photoshoot. “The second look we decided to just let Charo’s hair down and be free. No extensions were used, that really is all her hair!”

Wedding photography behind the scene wedding blog (2)

For the make-up, Camille of Maquillage Camille S, was inspired by Mélanie’s ideas: “She knew what she wanted for each of the looks and since the make-up was done after the hairstyle, I was inspired a little by it as well. I was inspired by Melanie’s ideas and if I had to summarize them in two words, I would say chic and natural. Which is really ideal for a wedding! “

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And for Camille, what was her biggest memory of all this experience? “When I met everyone just before we started the photoshoot! I didn’t know Stéphane (Audet, photographer), Jennifer (Marcuson, photographer), Mélanie (Vallerand) and Maxime (Bouchard, model) and they were all very welcoming. Moreover, they were very excited by the project so everybody was working with a really beautiful energy! From then on everything unfolded naturally, as if everyone had known each other for a long time!”

Wedding photography behind the scene wedding blog

Mélanie tells me: “I secretly wanted a wedding magazine like Marriage Quebec to publish the suppliers who have never been featured the pages of such magazine before, to cease the regular”circle” of the same suppliers that are always published and offer something new to future brides and grooms.” Well, Melanie’s wish came true with Mariage Quebec!

What does the wedding planner remember most of that beautiful day? “Seeing before my eyes the undeniable chemistry between our two models as if they were a real married couple! And also how each supplier gave its 100% despite the fact that we all worked for free!”

Mélanie isn’t the only one who loved the chemistry of this great team; indeed Jennifer enjoyed working with the other wedding professionals just as much. “To be able to work with a team of creatives like this group; what an honour! Artists often work alone.. especially photographers. 80% of our work happens on the computer, in our office, alone. So when we have the chance to share our inspiration and creativity with other artists.. well, you simply can’t put a price on it!”

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Stéphane, one of the two photographers, says he usually finds his inspiration on the set. “Before most of the photoshoots, even a few minutes before, I never really know what I’m going to do exactly. I take the time to chat with the models a bit, I take a few shots to test the light and suddenly the inspiration comes, like a wave. I go with what feels right on the spot. The setting is very important but it’s more the people I photograph who inspire me. My inspiration reflects their personality. “

Wedding photography behind the scene wedding blog (4)

Like Camille, Stéphane’s favorite moment of the day was when he stepped foot on the scene. “I love the adrenaline and excitement that come when I first see the setting. Arriving on set with so many talented people, full of creativity… The physical and mental preparation before a photoshoot is also a great source of pleasure! “

Wedding photography behind the scene wedding blog (9)

Many thanks to Jennifer Marcuson for this beautiful shot of Capelio’s wedding hair accessories!


To see the rustic chic wedding pictures, click here 

To see the rustic vintage wedding pictures, click here 


A big thank you to everyone who participated in this beautiful project :

Concept, Planning + Design: Melanie Vallerand / Québec, QC
Photographer/Photographe: Jennifer Marcuson
Collaborating Photographer/Photographe Collaborateur: Stéphane Audet / Québec, QC
Location/Lieu: Le Batinse / Québec, QC
Flowers/Fleurs + Decor: Conter Fleurette / Saint Jean Port Jolie, QC
Hair/Coiffure: Olivia Eadie  / Québec, QC
Makeup/Maquillage: Maquillage Camille S. / Québec, QC
Bridal Looks; Dresses/Robes; Short: Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters // Shoes/Chaussures: Kate Spade
Groom’s Looks; Pants and Jacket/Pantalons et Veston: Le 31 -Simon’s (Tessuto Marzutto) // Shirts: Le 31 – Simon’s // Tie/Cravate: homemade by Stéphanie Bélanger // Watch/Montre: Vitaly Design // Shoes/Chaussures: Browns
Bridal Hair Accessories/Accessoires de Cheveux: Capelio / Québec, QC
Models/Mannequins; Charo Foo // Maxime Bouchard


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Wedding inspiration : Baby’s breath trend

12 March 2017
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Baby’s breath flower are more popular than ever! I’ve noticed there’s a lot of interest for our Anna Rosa flower crown, made with artificial baby’s breath flowers, as well as our Anita combs, a wedding hair flower piece from our 2017 wedding collection. Thus to inspire you further for your wedding, here are various ways to incorporate this trend into your own big day!


It goes without saying that when we think wedding flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is the bride & bridesmaids’ bouquets. Baby’s breath are perfect to create small bouquets for your bridesmaids – this way, by adding baby’s breath to your bridal bouquet, you create a great visual link between the two :

Babys breath wedding inspiration bouquet bridal party

Babys breath wedding inspiration bouquet bridal party bride bridesmaids

 Photos : Cathy Lessard

Wedding hair accessories

Flower crowns are definitely on trend, so it’s only natural for wedding flower wreaths with baby’s breath flowers to be very popular! Having one with artificial flowers, like our Anna Rosa flower crown, is great if you want to wear it again : pair it with a summer dress or wear it at a festival for a great summer look!

Babys breath wedding inspiration flower crown babys breath flower wreath

 See on Etsy

For those of you who aren’t that big on flower crowns – or who wants something smaller for your bridesmaids, for example – you also have the option of our baby’s breath wedding comb, Anita. This way, you can incorporate this floral wedding hair accessory to a bun, braid or any other hairstyle! Again, it’s a great option to wear it after the wedding day!

babys breath comb wedding hair accessories hair combs flowers
 See on Etsy


Wedding decoration

A lot of bride and groom choose to incorporate floral elements into their wedding decor to create a breathtaking & romantic effect. In fact, this is in part of baby’s breath are so popular : since it is possible to have a beautiful result in an easy way, many couples use this flower in their decoration for its simple but elegant DIY effect. As Stacey, the wedding planner behind The Ultimate Planner service based in Montreal, says, “Baby’s breath are really popular at the moment because everyone is going rustic crazy and they’re perfect for that ambiance!”

Here are different creations by Stacey to inspire you for your wedding decoration:

Babys breath wedding inspiration centerpiece

 The Ultimate Planner’s website

One of our 2015 brides had used baby’s breath flowers for her wedding decoration – she paired them with other white flowers to create cute centerpieces. Easy-to-make, elegant yet efficient! Here’s the result :

table setting bride wedding decoration blog photography reception flowers

Setting decoration bride reception wedding photography blog

See Janie’s wedding

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