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Esmeralda & Ian’s wedding

31 August 2014
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You may remember I mentioned months ago a bride who had forgotten her headpiece in Miami when she came to Quebec City for her wedding. It could have been a disaster, but her wedding planner, Isabelle Radford, saved the day by calling, well, me. Even if it was only two days before the Big Day, I was able to provide a custom-made fascinator with birdcage veil for the bride.

But that’s only one, small part of the story. Esmeralda, the bride, was kind enough to share pictures with me and talked to me about her love story and how she came to get married in my beautiful hometown, and with her permission, I’m sharing this with you!

Here is Esmeralda on her wedding day with her Capelio :


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The bride who forgot her fascinator in Miami

24 May 2014
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This is the story of a bride from the US named Esmeralda, who decided to get married in the beautiful city of Quebec with few relatives by her side. Unfortunately, in her excitement, she forgot her bridal fascinator at her home in Miami. Panic followed.

… Or rather it would have been the case if it wasn’t for the wedding planner Isabelle Radford, specialist in elopments, who contacted me two days before the ceremony to create a special headpiece for Esmeralda so the story has its happy ending. The good news is that with all the materials at hand, it was possible to make a custom Capelio (silver linings!). Here is the final result:


While orders from 2014 brides keep coming, I need to remind you all that it is important to place your order for your headdress or veil as soon as possible. Indeed, we need to calculate time for the delivery (which is usually only few days when we ship in Canada), the creation time, but also the time to receive the materials from England and the United States. Most Capelio accessories are made-to-order, but we must have some designs on hand.

If in doubt, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can still order without any problem your headpiece, fascinator or veil for a wedding in July or August. Happy shopping !

See pictures of the wedding here.

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