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Bridal veil for a bride with short hair

17 July 2016
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Few weeks ago Caroline Jarry, a professional stylist who rocks a pixie cut, suggested as wedding hair accessories for the short-haired bride to wear a traditional veil if that’s what you want (click here to read the full article). How fitting then that I received on Etsy not long ago a request by a bride with short hair for a veil for her wedding day!

She wanted the traditional bridal look with a long veil, but in order to be confortable and not have to fix her hairdo all day, we opted for a headband instead of a comb. That’s the trick : choose any fascinator or wedding hair accessory and we can adapt it to short hair simply by making it on a headband! This way you know it won’t repeatedly fall or be uncomfortable.

The bride had the hardest time to find a veil on headband but as we offer beposke and custom wedding hair accessories, we created exactly what she wanted : our Simplicity veil with a handsewn white border on a metallic headband that goes down to the middle of her back.

And voilà :

Bridal veil wedding hair accessories for short haired bride bespoke veil

Just remember, it’s not because you have short hair that you can’t have the bridal veil, headpiece or hair accessory you want. Just get in touch with us so we can create the exact fascinator or headdress you want!

Need some inspiration? Read this article with Lydiane of the wedding blog Oh Ma Juliette, who got married last year and who has short hair as well. You can also read again Caroline’s interview here.

If you want some tips, you can read as well our advices on how to wear a fascinator with short hair.

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Bespoke headpiece for the mother of the bride

21 June 2016
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Here’s a perfect example of how we can adapt one of the existing design of our online store to create a bespoke headpiece for you!

A mother of the bride whose daughter is getting married on the 15th of July came tous few weeks ago because she wanted to have a fascinator to complete her outfit. Not too sure about the exact headpiece she was looking for, she browsed Pinterest to collect ideas. After she got in touch with us, it appeared she wanted something similar to our design Ireland hair accessory on a fascinator base.

Not only that, but this mother of the bride had some lace and material pieces we could use from leftovers cut from her dress. Because she was based in Montreal and we had to work on her bespoke headpiece at distance, we exchanged lots of pictures to make sure the final result fit her taste.

Here you can see the process :

Headpiece for the mother of the bride fascinator wedding hair accessories


We used two pieces of lace material to add to the fascinator base. We created a pink ribbon with leftover fabric of the dress to included in the ”Ireland” form. And voilà! A bespoke, unique piece that perfectly match the tastes and the outfit of this elegant mother of the bride! 

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A wedding headband Plum fairy modified for the bride

23 May 2016
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Another great example of how we can personalize a hair accessory or headpieece from our regular collection just for you! A bride with short hair wanted a headband with feathers, something elegant but not too big. We adapted our Plum Fairy design to reduce the width and added a pearl.

Here is the final result:

Bridal feather headband for the bride wedding hair accessories

Remember that you can always customize a design of our regular collections to perfectly suit your taste! Depending on the work, additional charges will apply.

You already have a model in mind? We also do custom-made and bespoke hair accessories!

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A personalized Melanie headband

5 April 2016
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As you may know, each Capelio hair accessory is handmade, after receipt of your order. Therefore, it is possible to adapt a headpiece or a fascinator according to your tastes or needs. A personalized accessory is often associated with wedding hair accessories, but keep in mind that you can always personalize any Capelio.

For example, a client of Quebec, Genevieve, loved to wear her Melanie, but came tot hink she would have preferred to have it on another base than a headband. After discussing it together, we decided to modify it on clip. Here’s the before and after :


Headband hair accessory fascinator fashion before


Headband hair accessory fascinator fashion after

This way, Genevieve can wear her Capelio accessory as she wishes, and it is to her taste perfectly! Also, it would be perfect as a hair accessory for prom or for a bridesmaids or a wedding guest!

Feel free to ask us before purchase how we can change a hair accessory for it to be exactly as you want. And remember that we do custom made pieces as well!

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Pauline and Matthew’s wedding

12 November 2015
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Pauline wanted various wedding hair accessories : a cute and small heapiece for the flower girl, headpieces for the bridesmaids that would match the wedding’s color theme, and a fascinator for herself for the reception.  The bride chose the Ireland design for her bridesmaids, a special version for the maid of honor, and a custom piece but still similar for the flower girl :


Wedding hair accessories for the bridesmaids, the maid of honor and the flower girl


The bride decided to wear different accessories for the ceremony and reception. We worked closely to fashion a delicate, feminine and chic headpiece, custom to look like the lace details of her dress. The result was a custom-made Capelio bridal fascinator made of a lace piece on a headband with hand-placed rhinestones :

Bridal lace piece with rhinestone on headband


The wedding

The bride and groom decided to have a Doctor Who-themed wedding, with royal blue as its main theme color. As well as incorporate elements from their favorite TV show, this adorable couple included various elements from the bride’s culture, as her family is from the Philipines.

Pauline and Matthew exchanged vows in front of their families and friends at St. Basil’s Catholic Parish, at the University of St. Michael’s College, in dowtown Toronto. The reception took place at the Old Mill Inn, also in Toronto. Many guests had come from other cities in Ontario and Quebec to be part of their special moment!



The ceremony

The groom and his parents



The flower girl



The bridesmaids



The bride



The ceremony included many beautiful symboles, such as this ceremonial lighting of the candle :



The first kiss




Aren’t the ladies of the bridal party gorgeous all wearing their headpieces!



The reception






Of course, as it was a Doctor Who-themed wedding, there was a T.A.R.D.I.S.!



The venue



Following an ancient tradition from the culture of the bride, the newlyweds entered the room under swords :


Paulnyk's wedding (1)


Another tradition was to include little charms with ribbons in the cake. The single ladies of the evening could all each pull a charm from the cake, and the one who had  the ring charm is supposed to get married within a year!



The first dance




And they lived happily ever after!



Photography : Alex Distor, Cymplexmedia
Wedding planner : Terri-Ann James, Chameleon Events
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Kim & Pascal’s wedding

5 April 2015
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Kim had a very clear idea of what kind of wedding headpiece she wanted: she sent me a picture of a fascinator found on Pinterest, with birdcage veil covering one eye attached to a flower headdress. As Kim is based Montreal, we made her bridal Capelio fascinator in a long-distance process. We used excess lace that remained after the alterations done to her wedding dress and added a flower with two feathers.

Here is the result:



The love story and the proposal

Kim and Pascal met at a gathering with common friends. It was love at first sight for Kim but she was so shy that she didn’t have the courage to talk to him…  regardless, the groom found her very pretty, if somewhat cold to ignore him. They still had the opportunity to discuss later in the evening, and thus their relationship began!

Pascal proposed to Kim after more than three years together. He asked the big question on a beach on the island of Capri, during a trip to Italy. Despite the romantic setting, Kim was very surprised, although her parents were already aware of Pascal’s intentions since the future groom had asked their permission before the trip.


The bride and groom were very lucky as they had a wonderful weather during their ceremony – and it really was a chance, since the two weddings on the same day that took place in the same location unfortunately had rain! In fact, the rain progressively stopped while Kim was walking down the aisle, and as the couple exchanged the rings the clouds dispersed, giving way to a beautiful sun!


The bride getting ready



Even though the weather was on their side, luck could not prevent a little problem with the wedding dress that happened just before the ceremony: part of the fabric on the front of the dress broke, and nobody had any thread or needle to repair it! However, Kim saw this as a sign of good luck, since the same thing had happened to her mother during her own wedding! Since Kim’s parents have been married for 25 years now, it bodes very well indeed!


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Headpieces for the Bridal Party

21 February 2015
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Those of you who have already read the For the Bridal party webpage will know: hair accessories for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride and the flower girl are very useful to create a visual harmony to reflect the mood and theme of marriage. Also, many brides will let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses in the style and price range that they like, simply giving them a guideline, such as the color. With similar headpieces, you can still create a feeling of unity amoung their different outfits. Not to mention, fascinators are a great gift to give your bridal party to thank them to be part of your big day!

Let’s look at this trend with concrete examples to give you ideas!


Emilie’s wedding

Emilie used her mother’s hair accessory worn on her own wedding day 30 years ago, so we could create from it two fascinators for her bridesmaids, hair accessories for the three flower girls, a headdress for the mother of the and finally two fascinators for herself, the bride:



The hair accessories made a beautiful reflection of unicity among the various members of Emilie’s bridal party, in addition to a nod to the marriage of the mother of the bride. Emilie also offered the headpiecesto the bridesmaids, flower girls and maid of honor as gifts to thank them for their participation in her special day and show her appreciation of the efforts they have put into it. Not to mention they will be able to wear the fascinators after the wedding day to remember this incredible occasion!

Pauline’s wedding

No inspiration for custom headpieces? Know that it is also possible to adapt a design originally for the bride or the fashionista to suit your tastes or style of the wedding. That’s what Pauline, a bride from Toronto, decided to do for her bridesmaids, her maid of honor and for the flower girl. We took the Ireland design and change it with the colors of the wedding theme.

Fascinators for the bridesmaids were therefore made in royal blue and silver tones. The maid of honor’s headpiece was crafted in ivory with navy ribbon to really stand out from the bridesmaids. Finally, the flower girl’s headdress, a smaller version of the Ireland and in another sisal ribbon, was royal blue with white feathers. Here is the result:


The similar type of fascinators is perfect for creating a visual harmony and show well the color theme of the wedding, royal blue. At the same time, each accessory is different to express the roles of each member of the bridal party.

And your bridal party?

You would like suggestions for your wedding and your bridal party, but are unsure of what would go with the outfits you have chosen for your bridesmaids, flower girls and maid of honor? Every wedding is unique, so do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations based on your vision of your big day!

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