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2017 Wedding season’s sales

19 August 2017
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The wedding season is coming to an end as summer gives way to the autumnal cool air. But here’s a good news for you : the wedding hair accessories of our Etsy store will be 50% off – but for only for 4 days! From 23rd to 26th August, you will be able to buy hair accessories for the bride and her bridal party but be quick: for some there are only one headpiece available!

How to proceed

Go to Capelio’s Etsy store by clicking here and choose your wedding hair accessory. Have any questions? Simply contact us directly from the Etsy platform! No need to use a promo code or other: simply proceed with the purchase and voila!

Wedding hair accessories for the bride headpiece and birdcage veil flower handmade ribbon white ivory

Legal Notice: Promotion valid from August 23 to 26, on wedding accessories of $ 50.00 CAD and more only. No discount on previous purchase. Discount not applicable on shipping fees. A purchase may be refused if it is not compliant; It will then be refunded.

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Fashion hair accessories at the Morrin Center

7 November 2016
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Yesterday we made the photoshoot for Capelio’s next fashion collection!

To organize a photoshoot for a new collection is always tedious: you want to surround yourself with the best people who understand your vision and who you can trust, you want to create an atmosphere that reflects the artistic direction of the collection and of course, you want to create breathtaking  photos that will inspire your clients. The process often involves many questiones you ask yourself, with a lot of stress and emotions, especially when you’re a perfectionist. In fact, a designer recently told me that just before her own photoshoot for her new collection, she felt none of her clothes were up to what she had envisonned because of the stress. So it’s not just me then!

But in the end everything went well, largely thanks to the talented people involved who all did a masterful job. So it’s really important for me to thank them properly here :

Angela Baughman and Olivia Eadie of Castle Coiffure;

Simon Trudeau, filmmaker;

Yvon Latulippe, photographer;

Camille Lavoie, makeup;

The models Audrey, Rebekah, Emilie and Charo;

Manon Fortin of the Morrin Center;

And finally Sonia Plourde, designer, for lending us her amazing clothes!

I thank them all from the heart for their incredible commitment, their immense talent and their great cherfulness! Not only did we all worked together to make beautiful photos, the day was also incredibly fun!

The wait until May 2017, when the collection will be launched, will be difficult… But you’ll get a chance to see few previews here and there on our Facebook page, as well as a special Instagram account created especially for the collection : @murdermysterycollection Make sure you also subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything :

Here is a picture behind the scene taken at the end of the session:

Olivia, me and Charro

Olivia, me and Charro

To see the previous collections, click here
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Black birdcage veil and feathers hair piece

1 October 2016
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Even with wedding season stretching later and later in the year, autumn often means the start of the creative process for the next collection of wedding hair accessories, as well as our limited-edition special collections, like the Butterfly Effect this year and the Pin-Up collection before that. Of course, the creative process never really stop : we’re always picking up new ideas, listenning to our customers’ desires and needs, getting inspired by materials, pictures, movies and the like.

Autumn is when you take it all in, start playing with the materials to do what will become eventually the samples of the next wedding and fashion accessories collections, plan the photoshoot and all the communication tools. During this creative process, sometimes there are accessories that won’t make the final cut even if they’re beautiful and we love them, because sometimes the material is in short supply, we already have similar pieces in the collections, etc.

While we were working on the next limited-edition fashion collection, to be launched in May 2017, we created a beautiful black birdcage veil with feathers on a hair clip. While we do love it and it would work well with the follow-up collection to The Butterfly Effect, unfortunately because of the material used we couldn’t make more than one piece. Look at this beauty :

Black birdcage veil with feather headpiece on hair clip

But good news : it is now available in our “one of a kind” section on Etsy! Like the summer/autumn flower crown with red flowers, you can get it now and you will be the only one in the world to own this beautiful creation!

Its classy look means you can wear it to many events with elegance and style. Get it quick : not only there are only one available, but this bircage veil is perfect for a Halloween party!

Curious about what the next limited-edition fashion collection will be? Subscribed to our monthly newsletter so you don’t miss anything and can get preview :

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Vintage-inspired jewel headpiece with birdcage veil

10 July 2016
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Often, a bespoke wedding veil or bridal headpiece created as a custom order for a bride might become part of our  regular collection of wedding hair accessories. However, sometimes it’s not possible, even when the bridal headdress is very pretty and brings a lot of positive feedback on our social medias. This was the case of the bespoke birdacge veil with a headpiece of feathers and a jewel piece on a hair clip, crafted for the lovely Esmeralda few years ago before her elopement. To refresh your memory, here are two pictures of the stunning bride wearing her bespoke Capelio headpiece on the wedding day:

Wedding hair accessories online Montreal Canada fascinators for the bride bridal headpiece - Esmeralda

Birdcage veil elopement Wedding hair accessories Canada fascinators for the bride bridal headpiece


Since then we have received some enquiries regarding regarding this particular bridcage veil & headpiece, as well as how chic and glamour this wedding accessory was with its touch of vintage. However, to make this hair accessory, we have to take the curly feathers of the Plum Fairy headband, which is less than ideal.

But good news for those who love this bridal birdcage veil: it is now possible to buy one in our Etsy store! There will be only one available and the accessory will probably never be part of our regular collection for the bride, so here’s your chance to get your hands on this superb vintage-inspired birdcage veil for the bride!

Click on the image to access the Etsy Record accessory for the bride or click here:

custom made wedding hair accessory for bride elopement birdcage veil with feather headdress and jewel handmade ivory



Update : The only one we have is now gone! Get in touch with us if you want a bespoke headpiece or wedding veil, browse our Etsy store and don’t forget to snatch the others one-of-a-kind hair accessories while you can! 
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Unveiled : Our 2016 Wedding hair accessories collection

10 January 2016
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The time to unveil Capelio's 2016 Collection for Bridal Capelio has arrived! And good news: it is a collection of wedding hair accessories, not only for the bride, but for your bridesmaids, your mother, your flower girl as well. In short, there are fascinators and headpieces for your whole bridal party!

Veils, flower crowns, birdcage veils: there is something for everyone! Whether you are a romantic or modern bride, you are sure to fall in love with one of those headpieces!

Discover here the 15 pieces of our new wedding accessories collection - click on the picture to see the description of the accessory:

Wonderful, isn't it? Come back soon on our blog to find out different tips on how to wear your wedding hair accessory, suggestions of fascinators for your bridesmaids, examples of outfits to wear your accessory for the bride after the wedding and more!

To see all the wedding hair accessories available for the bride and your bridal party , click here:

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What to do with your wedding hair accessory after the big day?

20 September 2015
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The wedding season is not over yet, but many of the 2015  brides have already had the chance to say “Yes” to their partners. And now that the big day is behind you… what will you do with your veil or wedding hair accessory? Here are some ideas!


Keep your wedding accessory

Why not keep your bridal headpiece with your dress, carefully protected from sun or other potential damage sources? Maybe you’ll have a chance to wear it again, for example if you decide to renew your vows! A bit like your wedding dress, it might be interesting to keep your bridal headdress or wedding veil to pass on to your children, if the opportunity arises. Like our past client Emilie and her mom, who used the mother’s bridal hair accessory, from her own wedding thirty years ago, so that we could make one birdcage veil headress for the bride, two hair accessories bridesmaids, three small headpieces for the flower girls and a fascinator for mother of the bride : 
Use your veil or headpiece for a trash the dress
If you’re planning a Trash the Dress with your wedding dress, why not add your veil or bridal fascinator? Of course, if you choose to destroy your wedding gown, maybe you want to keep your wedding hair accessory as a token if this incredible, memorable day. But if you are 100% sure you aren’t going to wear it again, like in the case of a wedding veil, why not give it your all for the photos?

Use your veil or headdress for a boudoir photoshoot

Another trend in wedding photography is the boudoir-style photoshoot. If you want to do it, why not use your wedding veil or headdress for the pictures and give the final result to your partner to celebrate yourfirst anniversary? The headpiece will be a beautiful reminder of that special day, in addition to bring a touch of elegance and femininity to the photos!

Adapt your bridal accessory
… so you can wear it again! Some will shorten their wedding gown to wear it as a cocktail dress afterwards, although very few women have this opportunity, depending on the design you chose. It is much easier to wear your wedding hair accessory after the big day : in some cases you can wear it just the way it is or simply by folding the birdcage veil and fixing it with pins, for example.

It’s a bit more complicated with a veil, unfortunately. So if you know you want to wear your bridal accessory after the wedding, you have to consider this when making your final choice for your wedding accessory – or talk to us about it, since we can discuss with you ways we can simply adapt your headdress so you can wear it as a fashion accessory. Let your imagination run wild : the tulle  of a veil can be used to make fabric flowers that will go on a headband, for example, or to make several accessories as gifts!

Give your headpiece to a loved one

A wedding is a huge affair, for the bride and groom as well as for a large number of people, family or friends. Why not give your bridal hair accessory to show how grateful you are for their efforts to a person who is dear to you, like your maid-of-honor, a bridesmaid or a member of your family was particularly involved in the organization? Not to mention, a wedding is sometimes the opportunity for other couple to propose : If one of your friends got engaged during your wedding, why not wish her happiness by offering your wedding accessory?
… Or to a less well-off bride
There may be charities near you who can take your wedding hair accessory and gown and give them to a bride who can’t afford them. If no charities exist in your city, you can always ask your family or on your social networks if they know anyone in need getting married soon, so you can make a fellow bride very happy and probably very grateful!

Wear it again at the Dîner en Blanc 

If there is a Dîner en Blanc in your town, treat yourself and use the event as an excuse to wear your wedding accessory! Here are some suggestions of Capelio fascinators styled in various different looks specifically for the Dîner en Blanc :

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The Crazy Cat Lady collection is here!

1 April 2015
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Good news to all of you who have dreamed to see your feline friend wear its very own Capelio bridal fascinator: the Crazy Cat Lady Collection is now available! Yes, the moment you’ve been waiting for a long time is here and you can finally style your favorite pet with a wedding hair accessory!



Fancy clothes for animal is a significant trend of recent years, as more and more fashionistas extend their love of clothes and nice things to their pet. Emma, the blogger behind the blog MA The Girly Girl, is a confessed and proud “Crazy Cat Lady”, in love with her four-legged friend. We were discussing possible collaboration between Capelio and Emma’s blog, the idea of a special collection for domestic felines popped in our heads and it seemed like such a natural project!
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