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About the real butterflies of our limited edition collection

17 April 2016
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Butterfly hairclip real butterflies hairclips hair accessoriesThe limited edition collection The Butterfly Effect will be available soon in May, and I know that many of you can not wait! I would like to take a moment to talk to you about the butterflies used to make the hair accessories for this collection.

All butterflies used for The Butterfly Effect are raised in farms involved with processes ensuring a cruelty-free production. These farms are located in developing countries and contribute greatly to the local economy. Moreover, in addition to being a source of employment, they help educate and participate in the conservation of butterflies.

Also, since all Capelio accessories, including of course those of the Butterfly Effect collection, are created after receipt of your order, there is no overproduction and unnecessary losses, so there is no negative impact on the environment.

It was always very important to us that The Butterfly Effect was produced in a manner respectful of the environment. Not only are all Capelio accessories handmade in Canada, the butterflies are also transformed in Canada as well.

Did you know that butterflies have a very short lifespan, about 2-3 weeks? Creating accessories this way makes it possible to preserve their beauty forever in an ethical and respectful manner!

If you’re interested on this subject, I also suggest you read this article about how raising butterflies for commercial use helps save tropical forest – very informative!

Click here to see The Butterfly Effect collection

  • Real butterfly hair accessories アクセサリー 本物の蝶 the butterfly effect ヘアピース 本物の蝶 borboleta mariposa

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