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Pascaline & Fabien’s parisian wedding

16 January 2014
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Typical story of our time and the place of technology in our lives, Pascaline and Fabien met through their own blogs. Another sign of the modern times for this original couple : it is Pascaline who asked the man of her life to marry her, and not vice versa. They chose to marry on March 8, to mark Women’s Day .

The wedding took place in France, although the couple now lives in Quebec. As required by French law, they got united in a ceremony at City Hall in their district in Paris. Later on they were surrounded by their families and close friends for an intimate reception in a restaurant.

Pascaline is a true fashionista, so of course she opted to wear a Capelio on her big day. After all, don’t forget there’s a fascinator in Capelio’s collection with her name on it… literally! Yep, it shows how loyal a customer Pascaline is!



 For her wedding, the young woman decided to NOT wear the accessory bearing her name but instead was styled with a Voltaire, whose pink and red flowers harmonized perfectly with her ​​scarlet dress. Again, Pascaline being a modern woman, she chooses to innovate and wore a read dress instead of the traditional white.




Photo credit : Sylla Grinberg

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