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Patricia & Frederic’s wedding

24 February 2014
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The most beautiful and memorable weddings are the ones which truly represent the personalities and individuality of the happy couple.

This is something Patricia and Frédérick have understood well. The couple are huge sports fans, so the wedding took place … on the football field of Laval University, Québec City, where the Red and Gold play their games during the season. It took much effort to get this special permission, but the organization could only agree in front of the enthusiasm and passion of the bride and groom!



In fact, not only the ceremony took place on a sports field, but all the guests were to take part in incorporating the theme during the day. Since family and friends had to integrate to their outfits the color of the favorite hockey team of the newlyweds – red for the Montreal’s Canadiens in the case of the groom, blue for the Toronto’s Maple Leafs.

I had the chance to be part of their big day through the groom’s mother, Monique, who wanted a custom-made Capelio fascinator for the occasion. We worked hard to create a headpiece that complemented her outfit.

Monique and I decided to add red, fabric petals in the grey flower of her Capelio to express the theme  chosen by the marrying couple. I hope you like the result :

Mother of the bride wedding headress

Monique proudly wore his Capelio throughout the day of the ceremony on the football field, as well as at the reception. Here are some pictures of the mother of the groom on the Big Day : 


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