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Janie & Maxime’s Wedding

24 January 2015
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Several Capelios from the 2015 collection For the Bride are inspired by custom made ​​accessories previously designed ​​for real brides. This is the case of the ”Janie” : I worked with Janie on a custom piece, even at long-distance, to create an accessory corresponding exactly to the vision she had in mind to complete her wedding look. But I loved too the result so much that I decided to adapt it and include it in Capelio’s  2015 collection For the Bride!

As Ian and Esmeralda, Janie and Maxime were high school sweethearts. Having a lot of mutual friends, the couple began to spend more and more time together while their feelings grew deeper. Upon Maxime’s return after a month-long trip to Ireland, their relationship became serious. And a year later, right after a romantic getaway in New Hampshire, Maxime proposed  on the edge of the sea, in front of a beautiful sunset!

Three years later, they were husband and wife! Janie says, ‘I am the happiest woman on Earth because I have married the man of my dreams and my best friend!’

The ceremony

The ceremony and reception took place at the Vieux Foyer inn, in Val David. In fact, part of the day was supposed to take place outside, as there was a small island with a beautiful bridge. Unfortunately, as it was raining cats and dogs on the Big Day, the whole wedding was held into the reception hall itself.



The first kiss

‘’The feeling you get when you are named ‘Husband and Wife’, followed by the kiss, is very powerful. It’s like a big thrill running through your body, it’s so special! To have all our loved ones with us, to get so much love in one moment, with all of them smiling and being happy, it’s unforgettable!’’


The reception

The couple chose to have a vintage-style wedding, in a palette of soft colors: ivory, silver, gold, bronze, pink and a touch of yellow. The different elements of decoration were made by the bride with the help of her bridesmaids.





The Bridal Party

‘I was very moved, I felt filled with love and happiness, I felt satisfied, fulfilled, really, I was on cloud 9 and I’m still not entirely back to Earth! I felt like a princess, and yes, I admit that I was feeling very pretty!’’


About her Capelio headpiece Janie says, “Everyone loved it, it was perfect with the dress, exactly what I had in mind, my vision made into reality! ”



Photos : Charlotte G. 

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