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Hairstyles trends for 2015

24 May 2015
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I love working with other professionals from the wedding industry and get their perspective on certain aspects of the whole process of planning a wedding. I had the chance to discuss hairstyles trends with Angela, the official hair stylist at the Château Frontenac in Quebec City. Here are her point of view and advices for the 2015 brides!

Trendy hairstyles for the bride

“The biggest trend of 2015 is BRAIDS!” says Angela. Usually it is incorporated into the hair style, for example as a crown or sideway. Also the classic chignon/bun, which is a timeless hairstyle that many brides choose year after year, is still very popular. And let’s not forget natural and wavy long hair, which some brides choose extensions for!

Hairstyles and accessories for the bridesmaids

Regarding the bridesmaids, Angela tells us that having all the same hairstyle for the whole bride party does give a more uniform look, especially for the pictures, it is not so common. According to the hairstylist, bridesmaids must follow the bride’s request as to what she would like for their hair. “Bridesmaids MUST respect the bride’s wishes! Remember this is not your day! It’s the bride’s! Whether the bride wants everyone looking uniform or unique just say YES!” According to Angela, wedding hair accessories for the bridal party are a must: “They give that special touch! Just don’t outdo the bride.”

Statement or delicate wedding hair accessories?

Of course, the Château Frontenac professional also think brides should wear a fascinator or headpiece on their wedding day: “The bride needs an accessory, whether a statement piece or a delicate sparkle! Personally I love a large or statement wedding hair accessory. It is your one and only wedding day after all!”

Your hair for the wedding day

“Brides should have their color freshly done one to two weeks before the big day. This goes the same for mothers and bridesmaids, of course! Also if the bride has hair extensions they must be of a matching color and should be dropped off the day before to be prepped for the wedding day.”


Hair styles by Angela Baughman, Coiffure du Château

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