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Estelle & Charles Anthony’s wedding

17 May 2015
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I wrote not so long ago about the advantages of a winter wedding, and Estelle, one of Capelio brides, understood it and decided to follow this new trend!

The bride

Estelle is a very talented artist, author of the comic book “It’s not easy being a girl.” She has worked in the video game industry when her partner, Charles-Anthony, suggested she opened Facebook & Instagram pages with her drawings. He was onto something, since her Facebook page alone is now followed by more than 16 000 people who appreciate her talent and sense of humor! Because after all, behind headstrong women there is often a loving, supportive man!

Estelle is also a true fashionista – she regularly publishes photos of new shoes among her drawings! When it came to her wedding, the stylish woman wasn’t sure about her wedding hair accessory, but seeing the tears coming in the eyes of her mother when the bride-to-be tried on her wedding dress with a headdress, the decision seemed a no-brainer.

The fashion-loving bride loved our Catherine fascinator, but she also wanted a unique design, with a jewel piece. So we adapted the original headpiece to fit perfectly Estelle’s tastes and desires! Obviously, being an artist, she drew her wedding gown and overall outfit for the big day so that I would have an idea of it, as well as her hairstyle and how she would place her wedding hair accessory:


I must admit that my sketches, wether it’s for the regular collection of wedding hair accessories for the bride or when it’s for custom headpieces, aren’t as beautiful, unfortunately!

Here’s the inspiration for Estelle’s wedding hair accessory and final result :

A feather fascinator for the bride made into a custom wedding hair accessory

The wedding

The wedding took place at the Manoir Montmorency in Quebec City, in the month of February. The wedding theme was red, which showed in the decoration, the bridesmaids’ dresses and… even the color of the bride’s hair!

The bride & bridesmaids dresses



The bride getting ready




The groom getting ready




The ceremony




The reception setting




And they lived hapily ever after…








Photo : Caroline Poulin Photographe


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