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Esmeralda & Ian’s wedding

31 August 2014
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You may remember I mentioned months ago a bride who had forgotten her headpiece in Miami when she came to Quebec City for her wedding. It could have been a disaster, but her wedding planner, Isabelle Radford, saved the day by calling, well, me. Even if it was only two days before the Big Day, I was able to provide a custom-made fascinator with birdcage veil for the bride.

But that’s only one, small part of the story. Esmeralda, the bride, was kind enough to share pictures with me and talked to me about her love story and how she came to get married in my beautiful hometown, and with her permission, I’m sharing this with you!

Here is Esmeralda on her wedding day with her Capelio :


Ian and Esmeralda were high school sweethearts who met when they were only 16. After years together, Ian proposed over Montmorency Falls two years prior and of course, she said yes! As they had also fallen in love with Quecec City, they wanted to get married here, so they could share the experience with their close family. In fact, not only most of the bride and groom’s families had never been to the French-speaking city, some of them had been been on a plane!

It was there a great adventure for everybody in the bridal party of 15, and the happy couple was glad to be able to share the romantic and intimate atmosphere of Quebec City with their loved ones for this special and unique occasion. Esmeralda and Ian decided to elope here, and the ceremony as well as the reception were held at the Chateau Frontenac. The couple invited those closes to them that were there from the very beginning of our relationship, 15 years ago. They wanted their wedding to be intimate and to just have a good time celebrating with the most special people in their lives. And they did! ‘’We made the wedding destination into an opportunity to unite as a whole family and explore the beautiful city of Quebec.”

The groom gretting ready


The bride getting ready with her mom


Esmeralda says, ‘’I felt so absolutely beautiful with my Capelio! The Capelio was the ultimate piece that harmonized and completed my whole bridal look. The small touches of curled white feathers fastened by a stunning silver jewelry piece decorated with pearls were all part of a perfectly sized birdcage veil that delicately wrapped over my bridal eyes. Thanks to my Capelio, throughout the day I felt like I was the most beautiful bride ever!’’

That, my friends, is what we call The Look of Love.



The ceremony


The reception



”Truly, there are so many great moments that I loved from my wedding experience. From the first moment Ian kissed me as my husband, to the moment we all cried a little as my sweet father delivered his warm speech at the dinner table, leaving no dry eyes in the room. Though, if there was only one single wedding moment that I could hold forever in my memory, I would choose the memory of my whole family standing together right outside the castle with the wind blowing in our hairs and all of us just smiling, happy we were there together.’’


The Bridal Party



At Le Château Frontenac



In the Vieux-Québec, Québec City





And they lived hapily ever after!


Photos : Jonathan Robert

Wedding planner : Isabelle Radford Elopements 

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