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Custom made wedding hair accessories and long distance

10 August 2014
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I had the opportunity at the beginning of the month of July to crate Janie’s accessory for her wedding, a silk flower with a polka-dot veil. I liked it so much that it will be featured in Capelio’s 2015 collection for the bride!

Here’s Janie’s headpiece :



Of course it’s not new that custom-made headpieces are adapted to be included in the “regular” accessories offered by Capelio. But there’s actually something special about this order : although it was a custom-made bridal fascinator, the whole process was made at long distance!


Often clients think a custom-made headdress will require several meetings in person. It is sometimes necessary, of course, but in this case the bride lived in Montreal and couldn’t come to Quebec City, so the initial discussions about Janie’s tastes and expectations were conducted by telephone and emails. She then received pictures of every step of the creation process.


Sounds laborious? Not really. It would be very much a hassle for me and for the client that both of us be present throughout the process of creating a custom hair accessory. Therefore, after the first initial meeting, follow-ups are usually done by emails with photos. This is the case of a bride whose accessory I’ve just finished. After she initiallycontacted me by email, it was impossible to meet – brides are known to be very busy, after all! But in order not to lose time (the wedding is in October) I sent her few sketches as suggestions for her headpiece, and once she chose a specific design, I got to work.

Again, since it would be difficult and unnecessary to meet at every step of the creation process, I sent photos of her Capelio at each step so the bride could give me feedback.




Want to see the final result? Well, it is quite possible that this fascinator also becomes part of the Capelio’s For the Bride 2015 collection! What I love about custom accessories is that the design in question has a history and is, of course, very pretty, so adding them to the regular collection is often a no brainer. Therefore, soon you will see the “Janie”, the “Chantal” and many others in the coming months, as soon as the 2015 collection will be unveiled (pun intended)!


Stay tuned!

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