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Unveiled : Our 2016 Wedding hair accessories collection

10 January 2016
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The time to unveil Capelio's 2016 Collection for Bridal Capelio has arrived! And good news: it is a collection of wedding hair accessories, not only for the bride, but for your bridesmaids, your mother, your flower girl as well. In short, there are fascinators and headpieces for your whole bridal party!

Veils, flower crowns, birdcage veils: there is something for everyone! Whether you are a romantic or modern bride, you are sure to fall in love with one of those headpieces!

Discover here the 15 pieces of our new wedding accessories collection - click on the picture to see the description of the accessory:

Wonderful, isn't it? Come back soon on our blog to find out different tips on how to wear your wedding hair accessory, suggestions of fascinators for your bridesmaids, examples of outfits to wear your accessory for the bride after the wedding and more!

To see all the wedding hair accessories available for the bride and your bridal party , click here:

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Say it with flowers : hair accessories for the bridesmaids

13 September 2015
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Your bridesmaids are, without a doubt, important and special people for you. So why not express it to them with a bridal gift that they will keep and wear for years to come while remembering this wonderful and unique day?

Here’s an example : let’s say your bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses for your big day. Having your girls wear all the same wedding hair accessories, such as a Julie, will create a beautiful visual harmony among your bridesmaids :



On top of having stunning bridesmaids by your side on your big day, they will appreciate the gift you’ve chosen to show how grateful you are for their help and support. Not to mention they’ll get to wear them on your next night out or even at work, remembering this special occasion afterwards!

For more ideas for your bridal party, click here!

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Headpieces for the Bridal Party

21 February 2015
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Those of you who have already read the For the Bridal party webpage will know: hair accessories for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride and the flower girl are very useful to create a visual harmony to reflect the mood and theme of marriage. Also, many brides will let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses in the style and price range that they like, simply giving them a guideline, such as the color. With similar headpieces, you can still create a feeling of unity amoung their different outfits. Not to mention, fascinators are a great gift to give your bridal party to thank them to be part of your big day!

Let’s look at this trend with concrete examples to give you ideas!


Emilie’s wedding

Emilie used her mother’s hair accessory worn on her own wedding day 30 years ago, so we could create from it two fascinators for her bridesmaids, hair accessories for the three flower girls, a headdress for the mother of the and finally two fascinators for herself, the bride:



The hair accessories made a beautiful reflection of unicity among the various members of Emilie’s bridal party, in addition to a nod to the marriage of the mother of the bride. Emilie also offered the headpiecesto the bridesmaids, flower girls and maid of honor as gifts to thank them for their participation in her special day and show her appreciation of the efforts they have put into it. Not to mention they will be able to wear the fascinators after the wedding day to remember this incredible occasion!

Pauline’s wedding

No inspiration for custom headpieces? Know that it is also possible to adapt a design originally for the bride or the fashionista to suit your tastes or style of the wedding. That’s what Pauline, a bride from Toronto, decided to do for her bridesmaids, her maid of honor and for the flower girl. We took the Ireland design and change it with the colors of the wedding theme.

Fascinators for the bridesmaids were therefore made in royal blue and silver tones. The maid of honor’s headpiece was crafted in ivory with navy ribbon to really stand out from the bridesmaids. Finally, the flower girl’s headdress, a smaller version of the Ireland and in another sisal ribbon, was royal blue with white feathers. Here is the result:


The similar type of fascinators is perfect for creating a visual harmony and show well the color theme of the wedding, royal blue. At the same time, each accessory is different to express the roles of each member of the bridal party.

And your bridal party?

You would like suggestions for your wedding and your bridal party, but are unsure of what would go with the outfits you have chosen for your bridesmaids, flower girls and maid of honor? Every wedding is unique, so do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations based on your vision of your big day!

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Here comes the 2015 collection for the bride!

18 January 2015
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Yes, the 2015 Collection for the Bride has arrived! And here are the fascinators, headpieces and hair accessories created to make you your most beautiful on your big day :

Anna Alexandra













And it's not all! Two fascinators have been added to the headpieces and hair accessories for the bride offered online: you can now purchase a simple birdcage veil or tulle veil with no jewel piece, no flowers or other details, if you like things simple and let, say, your wedding dress or if you plan to wear a lot of jewelry. Here they are:

The tulle

The Birdcage Veil


I would like to thank Jessica Bélanger and Emilie Ballairgeon, the two beautiful ladies who posed for the pictures. The hair and makeup was done by the talented Marie-Joelle Dufour of Apparat Coiffure et Cie, while Yvon Latulippe was our photographer for the photoshoot. I would like to thank as well the Musée de l'Amérique Francophone, where we did the photoshoot.

By the way, the Janie and the Chantal were inspired by two 2014 brides of Capelio who had custom-made pieces. Soon you'll be able to read about their weddings and see the pictures!

The Anna Alexandra was created originally for a photoshoot, which you will be able to see the pictures very soon.

Stay tuned!

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Let’s talk flower girls!

31 July 2014
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Early this summer, I had the opportunity to be part of a beautiful wedding taking place on July 5. It was a big order : a veil and a headdress for the bride, a headpiece for the mother of the bride, a hair accessory for each bridesmaid and finally, three designs for small flower girls.



All pieces were custom made, and we have incorporated into each acessories fabric flowers from a headpiece that the mother of the bride wore to her own wedding, 35 years ago!







It was not the first time Capelio created accessories for bridesmaids or mothers of the brides and grooms, in addition to the bride herself of course. I’ve received a few requests in the past for accessories specially designed for kids. However, I realized that there was a real demand for accessories specifically for small flower girls. And I admit that it is very cute to see little Capelio worn by adorable children!

If you want wedding hair accessories for flower girls or children, know that you can choose a headpiece or hair clip from our bridal collection and we will be happy to adapt it for your flower girl(s)! Just get in touch with us :

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Tips for the bridesmaids

10 May 2013
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The wedding season is about to begin! This means that many women are nervous but excited before the big day – and not just the ladies actually getting married! After all, a wedding day is a special and important time for the bridesmaids, the parents of the groom, guests, etc..

That’s why I interviewed Stacey from The Ultimate Planner, wedding planner in Montreal and partner of Capelio, to know what her advices would be!


Capelio : How can a bridesmaid bring her personal touch to her look without taking the spotlight from the bride?
The Ultimate Planner : Bridesmaids can bring their own personal touch to a wedding without outdoing the bride. Some ideas they can look into is having a unique hairdo with a beautiful fascinator. Some other ideas they can look into is having unique nails, or even the shoes if the Bride is not picky. They can also suggest to the bride to have different style dresses but within the color scheme.
Capelio : Is it the same for guests?
The Ultimate Planner : For the guest it’s tricky because there is no actual dress code for a wedding. The only suggestion for the guest is dress formal and DON’T wear white – it’s rude.

Capelio : What can the bridesmaids do that would be useful for the bride and make the day less stressful for her? 
The Ultimate Planner : Bridesmaids can easily help the Bride in order for her to be stress-free. Most likely the Bride will have assigned task for her Bridesmaids so in order to help her they would need to follow through with the assigned task, Be available, Try your best to to remember what is needed, be in contact with Wedding planner, parents, vendors and the groom.

Capelio : What type of hair accessories should the bridesmaid/guests/mothers wear?
The Ultimate Planner : Of course I believe they should be wearing Capelio designs! I really do love the vintage style hairpieces also, and colorful fascinators to go with their dresses.

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