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Wedding idea : Add color to your bridal hair accessory

28 August 2016
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More and more brides want to personalize their wedding hair accessory. And why not? One advantage to order a hair piece, a fascinator or a veil signed Capelio is your bridal accessory will always be created especially for you, after you lodge your order, which makes it easy to make it unique and perfectly suited to your desires. And ddding colors is a great way to customize your wedding hair accessory!

Most wedding now have a color theme, which many elements are based on, from the decoration to the wedding party’s attire. In the case of Marie-Pier, who’s getting married later this year, the color theme of her wedding was fuschia. After trying our feather headpiece on a comb Catherine in a bridal store, she contacted us to know if it was possible to add a touch of fuschia to her bridal hair piece. After discussing together, we decided to add fuschia feathers in the white ones of the Catherine headpiece and voilà!

Here is the result :

Wedding hair accessories feather headpiece comb headdress

(Click the image to see the original accessory on Etsy)

This is not the first time a bride asks us to personalize her wedding accessory with a particular color: a bride whose bouquet had purple flowers wanted her Vivaldi headdress to have a purple feather flower with white birdcage veil :

purple feather flower white birdcage veil wedding hair accessory for the bride ivory handmade

Here are some other examples to get you inspired:

A mother of the groom who added a touch of red to go with the Habs theme of the wedding

A mother of the bride who used leftover fabrics and lace from her dress to incorporate in her ivory fascinator



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From a bridal veil to a fashion hair clip

24 July 2016
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I often suggest to clients to keep their wedding hair accessory and modify it (if necessary) so they can wear it after their big day. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an example of a bridal veil made into a fashion hair clip you can wear everyday!

For this example, we took our Bloom veil for the bride, with handmade flowers and petals. By simply cutting the veil, the headpiece becomes a hair accessory perfect to wear to go to work or for a special occasion:

Bridal veil wedding hair accessory hair clip flower hair piece handmade

Beautiful, isn’t it? This is a great way to not only reuse your wedding accessories but also so you can remember one of the best days of your life!

For more idea about what to do with your veil, headdress or fascinator for the bride after the wedding, click here!

To see other wedding hair accessories available in our Etsy store, click here!

Need advice or suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact us:

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Tips for the bride with short hair by a stylist

2 July 2016
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How to wear a fascinator with short hair and wedding hair accessories for short-haired bridesBrides and fashionistas with short hair, good news! Not only do you have a special section to guide you in how to wear a fascinator with short hair as well as tips and wedding hair accessories suggestion for short-haired brides by a wedding blogger, Lydiane, herself rocking a pixie cut. Now you can also read, below, the tips and advices of professional stylist and pixie cut fashionista, Caroline Jarry!

What would you say to the bride with short hair who is reluctant to wear a wedding hair accessory (veil, headpiece or other) for her big day?

Don’t restrict yourself! It’s not because you have short hair and it seems all the wedding pictures we see are with women with long hair that rocking a wedding hair accessory is not for you. This is your day, you’re the one who decides what you want for this special day in your life!

What are the criteria that the short-haired bride should keep in mind when selecting her wedding hair accessory?

She ought to choose her headpiece or bridal veil depending on her wedding dress. Her headdress will either complete the style of the bride’s wedding gown and overall style, or completely “break” it! If for example the bride chose an unconventional, coloured or rock-style dress, she could still totally wear a wedding hair accessory with a romantic feel, if it pairs well with the general impression of the bridal outfit.

As a stylist, what are your tips to create a harmonious look for a bride with short hair?

My first advice: be confident, because yes, a woman with short hair IS beautiful!

The days when having a pixie cut or a bob was a passing trend or a sign of rebellion is over. If the bride dreams of an ultra romantic wedding, nothing should change her vision! She can still have a fairy tale-like wedding day and rock it while having short hair.

I would also recommend to ask Audrey to personalize your wedding hair accessory so it fits perfectl : that’s the great thing with craftsmanship, we can discuss our wants and need, move the position of a flower or a detail, give the hairaccessory extra texture or perfectly match the color of the veil or headpiece to the dress, shoes or the color of the bouquet.


Caroline’s suggestions of wedding hair accessories for short-haired brides

wedding hair accessories for short-haired brides birdcage veil with flowers

wedding hair accessories for short-haired brides baby breath flower crownwedding hair accessories for short-haired brides headband 1920

wedding hair accessories for short-haired brides lace pearls headbandwedding hair accessories for short-haired brides bridal veil ivory headband

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Eloping in Quebec City

4 June 2016
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You’re planning to elope to Québec for your wedding? You will love the romantic atmosphere of the city, its historic sites and its magical character! The elopements, these weddings celebrated in small groups abroad, are increasingly popular and Quebec City is a destination of choice for many couples. However, in an elopement, as with any wedding, good organization is critical to the celebrations are to your taste and do not experience problems.

Simplify your elopement

Why not save yourself an extra detail to carry with you and order your bridal accessory to be delivered directly to your hotel? This way there is no chance of panic in case you’ve forgotten your veil or headpiece at your home, as happened with one of our brides.

Just shop your wedding hair accessory, order it in our online store stating that the billing address (your home) and the delivery address (your hotel in Quebec) are different and write them with care so there’s no mistake. Also ensure you order your veil or headpiece with enough time so nothing is rushed. Ideally, the order should be placed at least a month in advance, although it is sometimes possible to make accessories in a few days if needed.

Remember also that it is possible to make hair accessories for your bridal party, and even for your guests: not only will it be a very nice thank-you gift, it’s also a hair accessory they will wear during the ceremony and reception, as after!


You are planning to elope but to another city than Quebec? No problems: Capelio ship worldwide! Again, simply choose your accessory sufficiently in advance and specify the shipping address is the location of your elopement. As easy as that!

Inspiration and recommendations

Look at these weddings to inspire you with beautiful venues in Quebec City for your elopement :

Esmeralda and Ian’s elopement at the Fairmont Château Frontenac

Estelle and Anthony’s wedding at Manoir Montmorency

Catherine and Kevin’s wedding at the Aquarium of Quebec


Here are some fellow wedding professionnals in Quebec City we recommend:

Photograph: Jonathan Robert / Studio Ora

Officiant: Martine Ricard

Music: Genevieve Poitras / Melody Cocktail

Hairstyle: Angela Baughman / Coiffure du Château


Esmeralda and Ian at their elopement wedding in front of the Chateau Frontenac

Photo : Jonathan Robert / Studio Ora

Enquiry? Get in touch :

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Hairstyles for the bride 2016

9 April 2016
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Wedding season is near and so brides everywhere are starting to consider what they will wear for their wedding hair accessory, as well as choosing their hairstyle. Not sure which style is trendy? I asked Angela Baughman of Coiffure du Chateau so you can have her professional opinion!

According to Angela, there are three big trends for wedding season 2016. The first would be ‘’very “undone” hair, disheveled upstyles’’. Perfect for rustic weddings, a ceremony on the beach or a bride who want a simple wedding! Angela also tells us another trend is long, barely there curls, something brides have been favoring for few years.

Hairstyles trends for the bride

The boho glam trend, with undone styles, is really big in 2016, according to the hairdresser – but mostly for summer weddings. When it comes to winter weddings, brides tend to favor a side chignon, or long and loose hair. Winter brides usually choose a large headband or headpiece, such as our Cendrine fascinator or Jessica headdress, since a lot of them want a ‘’vintage’’ feel to their look.

At the other end of spectrum, Angela tells us another bi trend is ‘’ BIG hair, BIG buns, big coiffed styles.” Go big or go home, as they say! It’s not surprising, considering a lot of brides seen their wedding day as the perfect occasion to treat themselves and live their fantasies, something they wouldn’t do in “everyday” life.

hairstyles bride bridal trends hair bridesmaids bun braids

You want a classic style with a twist to keep things interesting without dreading to look at the pictures 10 years on? “I would do a French textured twist for sure! It is timeless and works with every color of hair, from blondes to black!”

And finally, Angela noted that for bridal hair accessories, jewels are always popular, like our Elsa headband, Eventail headpiece or Marie-Helene birdcage veil. Another big trend would be flowers, real or fake, ‘’like a halo’’, says Angela! Brides who want flowers can look at our Abby hairclip, Anna Rosa wreath and Gabriella flower crown! But if you want a big, halo-like crown, stay tuned : such a design that was to be included in the 2017 collection might be available soon, very soon… ! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks!

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Wedding hair accessories for the bridesmaids

20 March 2016
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When we unveiled our 2016 collection of wedding hair accessories, we mentioned that the headpieces and fascinators were not all for the bride. Of course the veils and birdcage veils are intended for the star of the day, however others hair accessories would also be perfect for the bridesmaid, the mother of the bride and even the flower girl! Here are our suggestions of headpieces for the bridesmaids:

The headbands

A bit like styling your bridal veil, a headband is an easy choice when you want a headdress that will complete the outfit of our bridesmaids but also simple to style and to carry on the wedding day... as well as after!

The headpieces

These wedding hair accessories are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch and glamour to the outfits of your bridesmaids, plus they make great thank-you gifts. Afterwards, everytime one of your girls wear their headdress they will remember your wedding and the bond they have with you!

The flowers

A very strong trend of the moment is to decorate the hair with flowers, both for the bride as well as the bridesmaids! Whether it's with flower crowns or a hairclip or comb with flowers, the result will be as romantic as in the air!

The combo

Go easy with the wedding planning by ordering at the same time your bridal veil or headpiece as well as the wedding hair accessories for your bridesmaids while saving with these special offers we made for brides like you:

You want to buy your bridal veil or headdress at the same time as the wedding hair accessories for your bridesmaids but with other choices of headpieces than those two combos? Email us and tell us exactly what accessories you need: info (at) capelio.ca
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Tips by the bride with short hair

13 March 2016
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Since the page ”How to wear a fascinator with short hair” is one of the most popular pages on our website, I think that some of you probably have some interrogations regarding the bridal hair accessory for your wedding. Fear not, here are some tips for you, as I had the chance to speak on the subject with Lydiane, a real bride with short hair and writer for the French blog Oh Ma Juliette:

Bride short hair fascinator bridal wedding hair accessory headpiece

 Photo : personal collection

Here are some tips and advices from our bride with short hair and wedding blogger!


How does having short hair has influenced your purchasing process and your choice of wedding hair accessories?

What I would do with my hair on the wedding day was one of the most complicated decisions of the wedding planning! I intended to keep my hair short because it had been 2 years since I went for a pixie cut and I didn’t want to let them grow just for the wedding. But then the options for short hair, as well as inspirations, are very limited.

Despite the hours spent on Pinterest looking at hairstyles ideas for ”short” hair (which are actually bobs or mid-length cuts) I decided to opt for a cute accessory. As I really had no length, combs were not possible. So I opted for a crown.

According to you, what are the essential criteria to be considered for the bride with short hair on her accessory choices?

Shemust first consider the exact length of her hair. Will there be enough length to hang a comb, something that goes around the head, or is it more appropriate to go with a headband? I think the bride should also choose based on the look she want for her bridal outfit or the general theme of the wedding. Is it vintage? Or you want something more bohemian, romantic… modern perhaps? With or without color?

Your advice to future brides?

Take your time and above all, stay calm! I spent a lot of time exploring the options, I created a ”database” of my favorite products, determined a budget before making a final decision… Get loads of information and feel free to contact sellers for more info! In the end I decided on a simple flower crown. For the night I found by chance a lace headband during a trip to Paris! My keywords here: patience and determination!


Lydiane’s top 5


Wedding hair accessories for the bride with short hair - headband with pearl and lace

Wedding hair accessories for the bride with short hair - flower crowns wreaths

Wedding hair accessories for the bride with short hair - Birdcage veil with bow

Wedding hair accessories for the bride with short hair - flowers handmade on hairclip



Click here to check the Oh Ma Juliette blog (in French) 


And that’s not all! In the upcoming weeks, we’ll also have an interview with a professionnal stylist… with short hair! Make sure you don’t miss it :

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