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Wedding : ideas & trends

A Beauty and the Beast theme wedding

4 June 2017
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Themed weddings have been popular for years, with Harry Potter and Star Wars fans, for example, incorporating elements of their favorite work of art into their big day. Like our client Pauline who had a Doctor Who-themed wedding (click here to see the gorgeous pics!) With the Beauty and the Beast coming in theaters few months ago, it’s no surprise that a lot of brides want to use their favorite fairy tale as an inspiration for their own weddings. Stacey, the mastermind behind the Ultimate Planner services in Montreal, was inspired by all those brides and decided to put together a wedding photoshoot using the Beauty and the Beast as the main inspiration!

Capelio was on hand to provide the bridal hair accessory and Stacey chose our one-of-a-kind Red Velvet flower crown (only one available – click here to see it on Etsy!) I was thinking about going with a gold hair piece, but in the end we went with something that would go well with the gold dress but would look effortless as well.

I am so excited to share with you the result, not only because the pictures are absolutely breathtaking, but also because the Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie when I was a child (along with the Lion King, but that would be weird for a wedding!)

Beauty and the beast wedding bride flower crown

Beauty and the beast wedding bridal flower crown bride

Beauty and the beast wedding tea cup mirror

Beauty and the beast wedding candy bar

Beauty and the beast wedding bride candy bar

Beauty and the beast wedding decoration candy bar (1)

Beauty and the beast wedding cake food

Beauty and the beast wedding bride Belle

Beauty and the beast wedding table setting

Beauty and the beast wedding table setting flowers

Beauty and the beast wedding table flowers

Beauty and the beast wedding bride table

Beauty and the beast wedding table setting menu table number

Beauty and the beast wedding bride table number

Beauty and the beast wedding chandelier


Location : Canvas Montreal
Table, Chairs, Utencils : Casaderamo
Model : Luigina Criniti
Linens, Invitation, place cards and styling :  A Timeless Celebration/Montreal Invitations
Dress and sweet table by Jenny Jaber
Planning, coordination and styling : Ultimate Planner
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How to wear a headband

23 April 2017
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Personally, I love to wear a headband: it’s both elegant and simple, on top of being an accessory easy to wear. Not to mention, there are so many designs out there, you’re sure to find one to your tastes! I like its practical side – it holds your hair in place and out of our face all day. I also like its aesthetic side, giving a touch of finesse to any outfit.

But hey, it’s easy to fall into a routine and always style your hair and headband the same way. So like we did for our Clara wedding hair bow, here are suggestions of hairstyles to wear with a headband!

The accessory: our Basia headband

Inspired by the Gatsby and the 20s trends, our Basia wedding headband is also well-suited for everyday wear. You can choose it in white or ivory, but also in black. You can order it as a ribbon or with an elastic finish for a “closed” headband. As a wedding hair accessory it is not only perfect for the bride, but also for the bridesmaid, the flower girl, and even the wedding guest!

With a bun

In this case our Basia headband is used only as an ornament, but the addition of this hair accessory can completely change a look. Besides it can hold the little crazy hair that tends to get out of place during the day.

Headband wedding headband bridal headband bride bridesmaids flower girl bun

Idea: Make a braid at the base of the bun for a nice touch!


With a braid

One of the biggest hair trends of the moment, the braid is popular both with brides-to-be and with fashionistas. Give structure to your braid and make sure your hair stays in place throughout the day by adding our Basia headband, which will also allow to frame our face. You will be both awesome and original!

Headband wedding headband bridal headband bride bridesmaids flower girl braid

With a ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most practical hairstyles, perfect when we want to quickly pull up our hair. Combine usefulness to beauty by adding the Basia headband to keep your hair in place while looking gorgeous!

Headband wedding headband bridal headband bride bridesmaids flower girl ponytail

Half-up, half-down

A perfect hairstyle if you want it all : your hair loose and free, but up and out of your hair at the same time! This hairstyle allows both a casual but also neat look. Complete your hairstyle with the Basia headband for a fancy touch!

Headband wedding headband bridal headband bride bridesmaids flower girl half up

Photo : Cathy Lessard

Make-up and hair : Maquillage Camille S.

Click here to see how to wear a bow hair clip

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Hairstyles with a bow hair clip

16 April 2017
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I always encourage brides to choose wedding hair accessories that are easy to wear after the big day, whether it’s for them, for their bridesmaids or other members of the bridal party. I find that wearing again a wedding hair accessory in everyday life is a great way to remember this special day, in addition to feeling gorgeous of course!

If you’re not used to wear hair accessories however, you may be at loss with ideas on how to style your hair. So here are some hairstyle ideas on how to wear a wedding hair accessory after the wedding day!


The wedding hair accessory: our Clara bow hair clip

A perfect headpiece for the bride, but also for the bridesmaids, the flower girl and even for the mother of the bride. In fact, not long ago, we suggested this accessory for your bridesmaids if you’re wearing a headpiece with a bow, like your Chantal birdcage veil for example. (Click here to see The article)

Here are different ways to wear your Clara bow hair clip after the wedding day!


Under a bun

Every women knows the trick. You’re having a bad hair day? Didn’t have time to wash your hair? Style it in a bun and off you go! To give a chic and elegant twist to your hairstyle, just slip our Clara hair clip under the bun, on the back of the head, and voilà!

Bridal hairstyles with bow hair clip wedding hair accessories bun

Idea: If you very skilled at styling your own hair, you can make a braid that starts from the neck to your bun.

With a braid

Braids are very trendy at the moment, both as a wedding hairstyle and in everyday life. (Click here to read about 2017 wedding hairstyle trends) Add a touch of originality and fun to your hairstyle by adding your Clara hair clip!

Bridal hairstyles with bow hair clip wedding hair accessories braids

On the side of the head

Most of us like to let our hair down and loose, but nobody likes when hair falls in our eyes or our face. Prevent this by fixing the hair around your face with hair pins, then add the Clara hair piece on the side to complete your look. The result? You will look both relaxed and stylish!

Bridal hairstyles with bow hair clip wedding hair accessories loose

Idea: Use your curling iron to add some waves in your hair!

Half-up, Half-down

A simple and easy-to-make hairstyle, having your hair half-up andhalf-down is great to let your hair loose but without it changing constantly. Hide your hair band under your Clara hair clip for a neat and chic but also casual look!

Bridal hairstyles with bow hair clip wedding hair accessories half up


Photo : Cathy Lessard

Make-Up & hair : Maquillage Camille S.

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Wedding inspiration : Baby’s breath trend

12 March 2017
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Baby’s breath flower are more popular than ever! I’ve noticed there’s a lot of interest for our Anna Rosa flower crown, made with artificial baby’s breath flowers, as well as our Anita combs, a wedding hair flower piece from our 2017 wedding collection. Thus to inspire you further for your wedding, here are various ways to incorporate this trend into your own big day!


It goes without saying that when we think wedding flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is the bride & bridesmaids’ bouquets. Baby’s breath are perfect to create small bouquets for your bridesmaids – this way, by adding baby’s breath to your bridal bouquet, you create a great visual link between the two :

Babys breath wedding inspiration bouquet bridal party

Babys breath wedding inspiration bouquet bridal party bride bridesmaids

 Photos : Cathy Lessard

Wedding hair accessories

Flower crowns are definitely on trend, so it’s only natural for wedding flower wreaths with baby’s breath flowers to be very popular! Having one with artificial flowers, like our Anna Rosa flower crown, is great if you want to wear it again : pair it with a summer dress or wear it at a festival for a great summer look!

Babys breath wedding inspiration flower crown babys breath flower wreath

 See on Etsy

For those of you who aren’t that big on flower crowns – or who wants something smaller for your bridesmaids, for example – you also have the option of our baby’s breath wedding comb, Anita. This way, you can incorporate this floral wedding hair accessory to a bun, braid or any other hairstyle! Again, it’s a great option to wear it after the wedding day!

babys breath comb wedding hair accessories hair combs flowers
 See on Etsy


Wedding decoration

A lot of bride and groom choose to incorporate floral elements into their wedding decor to create a breathtaking & romantic effect. In fact, this is in part of baby’s breath are so popular : since it is possible to have a beautiful result in an easy way, many couples use this flower in their decoration for its simple but elegant DIY effect. As Stacey, the wedding planner behind The Ultimate Planner service based in Montreal, says, “Baby’s breath are really popular at the moment because everyone is going rustic crazy and they’re perfect for that ambiance!”

Here are different creations by Stacey to inspire you for your wedding decoration:

Babys breath wedding inspiration centerpiece

 The Ultimate Planner’s website

One of our 2015 brides had used baby’s breath flowers for her wedding decoration – she paired them with other white flowers to create cute centerpieces. Easy-to-make, elegant yet efficient! Here’s the result :

table setting bride wedding decoration blog photography reception flowers

Setting decoration bride reception wedding photography blog

See Janie’s wedding

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Wedding trend : Rustic chic weddings

17 December 2016
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Last week you saw the amazing pictures of our previous photoshoot for a vintage rustic wedding, which is an original twost on this ultra-popular and much-used concept. A vintage and a rustic vibes go easily together so to inspire you even more, what do you think of a rustic ambiance paired with… a chic atmoshpere?

Most of the time  we would not think of pairing these two themes together, and yet : Mélanie did it splendidly well for our photoshoot, mixing the talent of the many talented wedding professionals (see the list of everyone involved after the photos) and the result is amazing! After all a wedding, like a couple, is the amalgam of many different influences, compromises and tastes: what better way to demonstrate it than an environment in an urban and kitsch restaurant, with a chic and elegant wedding decoration?


The look of the bride

The bride wore a dress of a Quebec designer whom I particularly like, Sonia P. Mélanie styled the wedding gown with our Simplicity bridal veil on comb. The veil brought a traditional and high-end vibe, while the dress offered a touch that was both original and friendly without losing any of its elegance. Perfect for our theme!



A rustic chic wedding























Concept, Planning + Design: Melanie Vallerand / Québec, QC
Photographer/Photographe: Stéphane Audet & Jennifer Marcuson

Location/Lieu: Le Batinse / Québec, QC

Flowers/Fleurs + Decor: Conter Fleurette / Saint Jean Port Jolie, QC
Hair/Coiffure: Olivia Eadie  / Québec, QC
Makeup/Maquillage: Maquillage Camille S. / Québec, QC
Bridal Looks; Dresses/Robes; Long with feathers: Sonia P. / Québec, QC // Short: Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters // Shoes/Chaussures: Kate Spade
Groom’s Looks; Pants and Jacket/Pantalons et Veston: Le 31 -Simon’s (Tessuto Marzutto) // Shirts: Le 31 – Simon’s // Tie/Cravate: homemade by Stéphanie Bélanger // Watch/Montre: Vitaly Design // Shoes/Chaussures: Browns
Bridal Hair Accessories/Accessoires de Cheveux: Capelio / Québec, QC
Models/Mannequins; Charo Foo // Maxime Bouchard


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Wedding trend : Autumn weddings

25 September 2016
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It is well known that the wedding season is summer, more precisely from May to August. However, speaking with other professionals of the wedding industry, we have recently realized that more and more couples opt out to celebrate their love during the summer and instead choose to organize their wedding in September or even October. This is not exactly a new trend: in recent years, many weddings took place until late October. But it seems that this year, while the autumn months are gaining popularity, in July is becoming increasingly quiet!

And one can easily understand why many couples choose to marry in the fall rather than the summer. The autumnal scenery is beautiful and the surrounding colors, during fine weather, are breathtaking. Also, this way, you avoid the risk of heat waves. Some will say that the season is more prone to rainy weather, but the truth is, it could rain on your wedding day regardless if it takes place in the summer or during the fall.

Obviously, as for winter weddings, depending on the weather, your guests might not have the option to venture outside if it’s too cool outside. But if it is to bring everyone on the dance floor, why not?

Planning a fall wedding is easier in a way, since the summer vacations are over. With this growing popularity, it is possible that our wedding fell on the same day as the one of an acquaintance, but generally it’s easy to find a wedding date and a satisfying place for the couple. You might not have off-season discouts for the venue and other services, but it is possible to do last minute shopping for the bridesmaids outfits for example.

In fact, whether you choose to organize your wedding in autumn, winter or during the regular season, the choice is a very personal decision. It is interesting to see couples abandon the usual expectations of traditional weddings for more personal options. The fall season might be special for you, for example if you met during autumn!

Wondering if a fall wedding is for you? Do some research, call various venues to see if there is availability and good prices, check with your loves to know their opinion and if the majority could attend. Did you hire a wedding planner? Talk to her before choosing the date to know her opinion: Maybe she has organized a wedding in the fall before and will make you great recommendations. And do not hesitate to browse Pinterest and wedding blogs for inspiration!

To get inspired, here are some pictures of Chantal’s wedding, one of our beautiful clients  :

bride groom exchanging vows wedding ceremony photography

bridesmaids, mother of the bride, bride, groom ceremony photography wedding blog

bride groom kissing daughter wedding photography


Check more photos from Chantal’s wedding

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Wedding idea : Add color to your bridal hair accessory

28 August 2016
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More and more brides want to personalize their wedding hair accessory. And why not? One advantage to order a hair piece, a fascinator or a veil signed Capelio is your bridal accessory will always be created especially for you, after you lodge your order, which makes it easy to make it unique and perfectly suited to your desires. And ddding colors is a great way to customize your wedding hair accessory!

Most wedding now have a color theme, which many elements are based on, from the decoration to the wedding party’s attire. In the case of Marie-Pier, who’s getting married later this year, the color theme of her wedding was fuschia. After trying our feather headpiece on a comb Catherine in a bridal store, she contacted us to know if it was possible to add a touch of fuschia to her bridal hair piece. After discussing together, we decided to add fuschia feathers in the white ones of the Catherine headpiece and voilà!

Here is the result :

Wedding hair accessories feather headpiece comb headdress

(Click the image to see the original accessory on Etsy)

This is not the first time a bride asks us to personalize her wedding accessory with a particular color: a bride whose bouquet had purple flowers wanted her Vivaldi headdress to have a purple feather flower with white birdcage veil :

purple feather flower white birdcage veil wedding hair accessory for the bride ivory handmade

Here are some other examples to get you inspired:

A mother of the groom who added a touch of red to go with the Habs theme of the wedding

A mother of the bride who used leftover fabrics and lace from her dress to incorporate in her ivory fascinator



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