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Summer & fall flower crown with red flowers

18 September 2016
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You are sad that summer is (almost) over? Well, we have good news for you: soon you will be able to get hair accessories signed Capelio meant to be worn in the summer, as well as during the fall and winter on a hat!

Those accessories for the hair and hats are still in development, as well as other types of hair accessories, but there’s actually one you can get right now that you can wear in your hair as a flower crown and on a felt hat during the autumn! See this gorgeous hair piece on Etsy in our store – the crown holds on ribbons so you can perfectly wear it in your hair or wear it on a hat, like this:



Hope you like it! Hurry because there is only one available! Once it’s gone, it will be impossible to make the same for another client!

In fact, we will offer now ”one of a kind” hair accessories in our Etsy store. Only one or very few of those pieces will be available. These unique accessories will be in the category “One of a kind” and include as much fashion hair accessories, like this one crown, and wedding accessories. Stay tuned for more!

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The Butterfly Effect is floating away!

8 September 2016
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Summer flies and our 2016 collection The Butterfly Effect is flying away too!

In fact, you have less than a week to buy your hair accessory with a real butterfly before it is too late. You can order your fascinator or hair piecce either on Etsy or in our online store. You have questions about the accessories or would like to customize your hair accessory? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Just know that the accessories of the collection Butterfly Effect are available until the 15th of September – then it will be too late!


  • Real butterfly hair accessories アクセサリー 本物の蝶 the butterfly effect ヘアピース 本物の蝶 borboleta mariposa

Pssst! The 2017 fashion hair accessories collection is already in the works! If you love glamour, vintage and classic chic, you will be delighted! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a taste and to ensure you have the information in preview in addition to bonuses, sign up for our newsletter:


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The symbolism of the butterfly

26 June 2016
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Our collection The Butterfly Effect is still available – but for a limited time, so hurry! What a good occasion though to discover the symbolism of the butterfly: you will easily understand why we chose it as the center of our collection!

  • Real butterfly hair accessories アクセサリー 本物の蝶 the butterfly effect ヘアピース 本物の蝶 borboleta mariposa

The butterfly : a symbol all around the world

The desire to capture the beauty of butterflies date back over 3500 years, when the Egyptians began to incorporate them into their art. Already then, these beautiful creatures were used as inspiration in many forms of artistic expression, whether in decoration, for making jewelry, incense burners and a lot of other items. The Aztecs and Mayans also used butterflies in their art to brighten their surroundings.

No wonder then that the butterfly has always been such a powerful symbol in various cultures all around of the world. For example, Denis Diderot stated in his Encyclopedia that the butterfly is a symbol of the soul, a belief shared by the Greek and Roman civilizations. Today, the people in Japan still see the butterflies as representing the souls of the living and the dead, in addition to seeing in it a symbol of happiness and longevity.

Today, the butterfly often symbolizes a renewal, a new era, because of its transformation from a caterpillar to its adult phase, through the chrysalis. More and more couples are choosing to incorporate a flight of butterflies in their wedding ceremony for that reason. For many, butterflies are also a symbol of beauty and elegance, as well as representing the female energy.


The Butterfly Effect phenomenon

Many know the butterfly effect as a metaphor rooted in modern culture, but in fact this concept first surfaced in weather science at a conference given by the meteorologist Edward Lorenz in 1972. The scientist had asked the audience “Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set off a Tornado in Texas?

Today, the butterfly effect characterizes how simple actions or moments seemingly innocuous can have a great impact in the future, either on our own lives or those of others. After all, who has not made a new aquaintance or made a simple decision that seemed so natural, only to discover its true important meaning in the future?

It is in this spirit that the collection The Butterfly Effect was inspired: to symbolize the beauty, elegance and energy of strong women around the world, of course. But also to capture these precious moments, simple but with an impact, that shape our path. Thus, you can remember those instants on special occasions with your accessory signed The Butterfly Effect!

fascinators hair accessories Butterfly  real butterflies

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The Butterfly Effect Collection

15 May 2016
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