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Capelio in Mariage Québec

16 July 2014
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Have you checked the latest edition of Mariage Québec? If this is not yet the case, run quickly to find a copy! In the ‘’Local Weeings’’ section you will see a beautiful photoshoot styled by Marie-Noel Poirier, and les Fêtes Grenadines … And of course, the bride was wearing a Capelio!

In fact, the photoshoot was conducted in February, but unfortunately the rule was ‘’our lips are sealed’’ until the publication of the magazine. It was hard not to say anything, but now it is possible to show you the final result!



Do you like the pictures? I think Marie-Noel did a fantastic work to create the look of the bride. Capelio’s Anastasia fits perfectly with the dress of La Maison Victoria, the birdcage veil styling beautifully the hair of the bride. And the wedding planners have created such an amazing background, don’t you think?

Now you understand why, as a the owner and founder of Capelio, I had the chance to attend the 25th wedding anniversary of Mariage Québec! Are further collaborations between the magazine and Capelio coming? Stay tuned to see what the future holds …

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