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5 reasons to wear a bridal hair accessory on your wedding day

8 October 2016
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You’re in the middle of your wedding planning after the big proposal, you choose your bridesmaids, your venue – you even found The One (your wedding dress, that is). Now you’re thinking : bridal veil or wedding hair piece? There are so many great options out there, it’s difficult to choose isn’t it? Read this 5 reasons to wear a bridal hair accessory to see if it’s for you :

1) You will be original. While more and more brides are opting for wedding hair accessories other than a veil, even now it’s about 50/50. The big advantage with a headpiece or fascinator is that you have so many choices out there, you can find something trully original – we can even make a bespoke, unique design!

2) You will easily wear it for the entire day. A lot of brides ditch the veil after the ceremony and pictures because it’s heavy, because it’s difficult to get around the venue with a long veil and other reasons. But if you make sure to choose a hair accessory comfortable, you’ll be able to wear it for the entire day and throughout the night!

3) You will break tradition. Not necessarily a good thing for all brides, but some choose to forgo the traditional veil because of its symbolism. Indeed to some it used to represent the hymen, as it was a thin mebrane that the husband would take away once married. To others, they remember it as when it was customary to hide the bride’s face until after the ceremony was over, when the newlyweds wouldn’t meet before the wedding in medieval times. Not great traditions to keep…

4) You will create a breathtaking look. Sure, you can go bare head : you will already look and feel your best, after all! But remember, everyone will look at you and not just your dress, but your face as well. Your wedding hair accessory can be the piece that bring the whole look together, that matches your bridesmaids’ outfit or even show your wedding theme (click here for an example)! If you don’t want to spend too much on a dress, you can have a statement headpiece to create a great look without spending thousands!

5) You will easily wear it afterwards. Let’s state this obvious by saying that wearing a veil after your wedding day is, for most people anyway, impossible. But a wedding hair accessory? It can easily be done. Certain pieces, like our baby breath flower crown Ana Rosa, our hair piece on a comb Anna Alexandra or our feather headpiece on a comb Catherine , can be worn straight after your big day to a party, a night out or simply when you want to feel gorgeous. Other hair accessories, such as our birdcage veil Esmeralda, our Penny headpiece or our birdcage veil with flowers Cathy, can be easily modified to be worn as fashion accessories. (Click here for an example of a bridal headpiece made into a fashion hair clip) For example, a birdcage veil can be simply folded in two to be worn as a vintage-inspired hair piece. Or you can cut most of it, and simply wear it as a hair clip. In case of doubt, contact us for suggestions!

Of course, the main reason for your choice of wedding hair accessory, whether you opt for a bridal veil or a headpiece, is : what suits your style, what you are comfortable with and what you really want to wear. A lot of brides choose to wear a wedding veil and then change afterwards for a bridal headpiece, like our client Pauline did. Ultimately, it is your choice and you should be pleased with it!

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