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Be part of the Butterfly Effect

12 March 2016
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The Butterfly Effect collection is a special, limited-edition fashion collection of hair accessories made with REAL butterflies. You can choose the type and color of butterfly that you want. It is preserved in a way that you can wear it without fearing to damage the butterfly. Because the butterfly is on a hairclip, you can even wear the butterfly on its own and have more than one so you can change which butterfly you wear on your headpiece! The collection will be available through Capelio’s website and will ship worldwide!

And good news for early birds : now you can have your very own Butterfly Effect piece before anybody else by ordering it through our Kickstarter!

The idea behind doing a Kickstarter is to connect with strong, inspiring fashion-forward women, who want to feel beautiful and own one-of-a-kind, handmade quality products. This way, you will be one of the first to receive our headpiece. Once you receive your headpiece, we want you to share how elegant you are on social medias to others!

Be part of the Butterfly Effect!

The collection




Update :

The Kickstarter campaign for our Butterfly Effect collection has now ended! To those who would like to get a hair accessory made with real butterflies, be prepare for our launch in May 2016!

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  1. Erin 10 March 2016 16 h 18 min

    Great idea! Love hair accessories with real butterflies!

  2. Christine G. 20 February 2016 13 h 26 min

    Love this! It’s so beautiful and it’s amazing you can do this with real butterflies!


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