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Bridal hairstyles trends of 2017

25 February 2017
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We’re back with the 2017 hairstyles trends for the bride! As in 2015 & 2016, we asked Angela of Coiffure du Château to tell us more about what is trendy for the upcoming wedding season.


Waves & messy hair

Probably a consequence of the rustic and DIY trends (click here and here for rustic inspirations) that take over so many weddings, bridal hairstyles are also becoming more relaxed. Angela says, “this year is even more “undone” than last year with loose waves, messy, beach “did it myself” hair.”

It may seems funny that many brides would opt to go to a hairstylist to get their hair professionally done only to choose a style that looks as if they did it themselves. But no one would risk doing their own hair for the big day. Also, as many couple focus more their wedding day on the moment itself and not on the details, it is only normal the bride’s look shows this new approach to weddings!

 bridal hairstyles wedding hair trends


Statement bridal hairstyles

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the brides who think, Go big or go home! After all, it is your big day and it’s the perfect change to live out your fantasies. According to Angela, “Fashion to the max this year, anything goes as long as it’s fabulous and bold!”

For those who liked one of the major trends of last year, you ‘re in luck : “Of course braids are here to stay, so we are seeing those too!” says Angela.

bridal hairstyles wedding hair trends curls

And what can we expect in the future? The hairstylist muses, “I’m thinking more real life princess themes will be coming.”


Flower hair accessories

Braids aren’t the only bridal hairstyles trend making a comeback this year: flowers for hair are still going from strength to strength! It is a favorite for bride and their bridesmaids we’ve seen for years and it seems its popularity isn’t diminishing any time soon.

Indeed, when we asked her the accessories trends she knew would be big in 2017, Angela answered without hesitating : “It’s floral floral floral! We’ll see major floral headpieces that make a statement. Crowns of flowers, big and bold or baby’s breath accessories.”

No wonder one of Angela’s favorite bridal headpieces of our 2017 wedding collection is our Marianna flower crown!

Click here to see the Marianna flower crown

Click here to see the Anna Rosa flower wreath

Click here to see the Anita baby breath’s flower combs



Coiffure du Château’s website

Coiffure du Château’s Facebook page

Click here for other blog posts with Angela 

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Fashion hair accessories at the Morrin Center

7 November 2016
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Yesterday we made the photoshoot for Capelio’s next fashion collection!

To organize a photoshoot for a new collection is always tedious: you want to surround yourself with the best people who understand your vision and who you can trust, you want to create an atmosphere that reflects the artistic direction of the collection and of course, you want to create breathtaking  photos that will inspire your clients. The process often involves many questiones you ask yourself, with a lot of stress and emotions, especially when you’re a perfectionist. In fact, a designer recently told me that just before her own photoshoot for her new collection, she felt none of her clothes were up to what she had envisonned because of the stress. So it’s not just me then!

But in the end everything went well, largely thanks to the talented people involved who all did a masterful job. So it’s really important for me to thank them properly here :

Angela Baughman and Olivia Eadie of Castle Coiffure;

Simon Trudeau, filmmaker;

Yvon Latulippe, photographer;

Camille Lavoie, makeup;

The models Audrey, Rebekah, Emilie and Charo;

Manon Fortin of the Morrin Center;

And finally Sonia Plourde, designer, for lending us her amazing clothes!

I thank them all from the heart for their incredible commitment, their immense talent and their great cherfulness! Not only did we all worked together to make beautiful photos, the day was also incredibly fun!

The wait until May 2017, when the collection will be launched, will be difficult… But you’ll get a chance to see few previews here and there on our Facebook page, as well as a special Instagram account created especially for the collection : @murdermysterycollection Make sure you also subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything :

Here is a picture behind the scene taken at the end of the session:

Olivia, me and Charro

Olivia, me and Charro

To see the previous collections, click here
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Eloping in Quebec City

4 June 2016
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You’re planning to elope to Québec for your wedding? You will love the romantic atmosphere of the city, its historic sites and its magical character! The elopements, these weddings celebrated in small groups abroad, are increasingly popular and Quebec City is a destination of choice for many couples. However, in an elopement, as with any wedding, good organization is critical to the celebrations are to your taste and do not experience problems.

Simplify your elopement

Why not save yourself an extra detail to carry with you and order your bridal accessory to be delivered directly to your hotel? This way there is no chance of panic in case you’ve forgotten your veil or headpiece at your home, as happened with one of our brides.

Just shop your wedding hair accessory, order it in our online store stating that the billing address (your home) and the delivery address (your hotel in Quebec) are different and write them with care so there’s no mistake. Also ensure you order your veil or headpiece with enough time so nothing is rushed. Ideally, the order should be placed at least a month in advance, although it is sometimes possible to make accessories in a few days if needed.

Remember also that it is possible to make hair accessories for your bridal party, and even for your guests: not only will it be a very nice thank-you gift, it’s also a hair accessory they will wear during the ceremony and reception, as after!


You are planning to elope but to another city than Quebec? No problems: Capelio ship worldwide! Again, simply choose your accessory sufficiently in advance and specify the shipping address is the location of your elopement. As easy as that!

Inspiration and recommendations

Look at these weddings to inspire you with beautiful venues in Quebec City for your elopement :

Esmeralda and Ian’s elopement at the Fairmont Château Frontenac

Estelle and Anthony’s wedding at Manoir Montmorency

Catherine and Kevin’s wedding at the Aquarium of Quebec


Here are some fellow wedding professionnals in Quebec City we recommend:

Photograph: Jonathan Robert / Studio Ora

Officiant: Martine Ricard

Music: Genevieve Poitras / Melody Cocktail

Hairstyle: Angela Baughman / Coiffure du Château


Esmeralda and Ian at their elopement wedding in front of the Chateau Frontenac

Photo : Jonathan Robert / Studio Ora

Enquiry? Get in touch :


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Hairstyles for the bride 2016

9 April 2016
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Wedding season is near and so brides everywhere are starting to consider what they will wear for their wedding hair accessory, as well as choosing their hairstyle. Not sure which style is trendy? I asked Angela Baughman of Coiffure du Chateau so you can have her professional opinion!

According to Angela, there are three big trends for wedding season 2016. The first would be ‘’very “undone” hair, disheveled upstyles’’. Perfect for rustic weddings, a ceremony on the beach or a bride who want a simple wedding! Angela also tells us another trend is long, barely there curls, something brides have been favoring for few years.

Hairstyles trends for the bride

The boho glam trend, with undone styles, is really big in 2016, according to the hairdresser – but mostly for summer weddings. When it comes to winter weddings, brides tend to favor a side chignon, or long and loose hair. Winter brides usually choose a large headband or headpiece, such as our Cendrine fascinator or Jessica headdress, since a lot of them want a ‘’vintage’’ feel to their look.

At the other end of spectrum, Angela tells us another bi trend is ‘’ BIG hair, BIG buns, big coiffed styles.” Go big or go home, as they say! It’s not surprising, considering a lot of brides seen their wedding day as the perfect occasion to treat themselves and live their fantasies, something they wouldn’t do in “everyday” life.

hairstyles bride bridal trends hair bridesmaids bun braids

You want a classic style with a twist to keep things interesting without dreading to look at the pictures 10 years on? “I would do a French textured twist for sure! It is timeless and works with every color of hair, from blondes to black!”

And finally, Angela noted that for bridal hair accessories, jewels are always popular, like our Elsa headband, Eventail headpiece or Marie-Helene birdcage veil. Another big trend would be flowers, real or fake, ‘’like a halo’’, says Angela! Brides who want flowers can look at our Abby hairclip, Anna Rosa wreath and Gabriella flower crown! But if you want a big, halo-like crown, stay tuned : such a design that was to be included in the 2017 collection might be available soon, very soon… ! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks!

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The 2016 Grand Wedding Event

29 February 2016
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On Sunday, February 28, 2016 was held the Grand Wedding Event at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. The event, now in its 3rd edition, brought together various wedding professionnals. Florists, celebrants, wedding planners and many more was on site at the mythical venue of Quebec City to meet with brides and grooms. And of course, Capelio was there!

The show

Obviously Capelio was also on hand to provide headpieces, veils and fascinator for the bridal fashion show. And the result was beautiful! Many of our headdresses from the 2016 collection were included in the looks, as well as hair accessories from our previous collections.

Capelio also created a chapel-length version of our Simplicity veil, which stylist Justin Bellavance and coordinator Valerie Larrivée embellished the morning of the event with real flowers provided by the company Fleur d’Europe. The result was stunning :

And it’s not all! Capelio also realized another custom bridal accessory for the show. Indeed, at the request of the coordinator of the event, we made a necklace :

wedding accessories bridal necklace for the bride

A veil with real flowers, a custom becklace : I hope it gives you, future brides, ideas! Maybe those accessories for the bride will be included in upcoming collections, but in the meantime, remember that if you like this kind of pieces, we can create them for you as custom accessories!


The booth

Capelio had a booth in the ballroom, where brides could see, touch and try on our wedding hair accessories. It was very nice to chat with them to know what style they were looking for, how they wanted to look for their big day, as well as their needs for the bridal party.

 Wedding Event Chateau Frontenac Kiosque

I was wearing a Butterfly Effect headpiece and many loved it, even if it wasn’t technically a bridal accessory!


The event

As expected, the 2016 edition of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac’s Grand Wedding Event was incredible and delighted  many couples who attended to be inspired and to plan their big day. Among other things, I was very happy to see Angela of Castle Coiffure, who sometimes collaborate on our blog. Her booth included a ”braid bar” to offer brides and their guests the opportunity to have their hair did. And I had the chance to get my hair did :

There was also the wedding photographer Jonathan Robert, who had made the beautiful wedding photos of Esmeralda and Ian’s wedding at the Château Frontenac. I also got to talk with Mireille À Deux Invitations: soon we will have a special service to offer brides-to-be, stay tuned ladies!


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Clip or comb for you wedding hair accessory?

20 January 2016
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I noticed that many customers seem to prefer wedding hair accessories on combs rather than on a clip, or even assume that all bridal accessories automatically come on a comb. But in fact, depending on your hairstyle for the wedding and your hair type, it may be better to choose a headpiece on a clip rather than comb – or vice versa.

That’s why it is so important to have an idea of ​​what hairstyle you’re thinking of having on your wedding day when choosing your wedding hair accessory/ies. Angela Baughman, of the Château Coiffure salon at the Château Frontenac, “a clip is always great as it can clip in on anywhere on the head.”

However, a bridal fascinator on a comb can be less convenient. Angela recommends considering your projected hairstyle when looking at veils and headpieces on combs. “Sometimes the bride will buy a beautiful comb, but the prongs are huge and far apart. This cannot be used on the side as it will fall because it is too heavy.”

Also, even in the case of a headband, the bride should take precautions. Angela explains that with headbands “a lot of times, the brides need these pinned to the head for extra security. This can be challenge to make sure it will stay for the day.”

In short, it’s important to consider your hairstyle for the wedding day at the same time as choosing your bridal hair accessory, so you won’t have to restrict yourself either way later on. Don’t hesitate to talk to your hairdresser and contact us if you have any questions. Also, don’t forget that since all Capelio hair accessories are made specifically for you after receiving your order, it is often possible to replace a clip by a comb (or vice versa), depending on your needs and preferences!

wedding hair accessories for the bride - clip or comb

Click here to choose your wedding accessory
Click here to access the Coiffure Chateau’s website
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Summary of the Pink Ribbon campaign

5 November 2015
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First of all I would like to say thank you to all those who contributed to the campaign, either by purchasing a Pink Ribbon or by making a donation: your contribution was greatly appreciated! Thanks to you, we were able to reach the target of $ 500 for the Foundation of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec!

I would also like to thank Michele of the Divas and Co. Institute, as well as Angela  of Castle Coiffure, as they both took part in the campaign by making the hair accessories available to customers in their salons.

The Pink Ribbon by Capelio cost $ 30 and for every accessory sold, $ 10 was donated to the Foundation of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec. Many clients treated themselves to a Pink Ribbon and some even took the opportunity to gift one to a women they loved. In fact, few men have done the same and bought one to give to a loved one! There’s even a family doctor who purchased 20 Pink Ribbons to offer to her staff while supporting a great cause!

The inspiration behind the campaign

There is growing cynicism regarding “pink marketing” so I want to explain the reason behind the campaign – and talk about a very special woman. I have been fortunate to benefit from the advice and support of a consultant of Entrepreneurship Laval, Manon Lortie, who helped me launch Capelio in virtually every step of the way, for two years.

Sadly, Manon was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. When Chu Foundation of Québec contacted me to take part in the Quebec City in Pink campaign, I saw an opportunity to give back to a woman who has helped me, as well as hundreds of other entrepreneurs. This is someone who, by her simple actions everyday, greatly contributed to the economic success of the city, while changing the lives of many people by helping them to live their dreams and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. An incredible woman!

It is, in a way, to give back to her a little bit of the amazing support she has giving me over the years, that I wanted to participate in the campaign.

Nathalie Clark, the Pink Ribbon spokesperson

Who in the City of Quebec has not heard the name or see Nathalie Clark on TV? The presenter and journalist has been part of the media landscape in the Capitale-National for over 30 years! And when we got in touch with her to become the face (head?) of Capelio’s Pink Ribbon, Nathalie didn’t hesitate before saying yes. As she tells us it: “How not to be touched by this cause since we all know a woman who has unfortunately been hit by this cancer, still too widespread? In solidarity, I wanted to get involved in this cause to advance research and treatments. Thank you to contribute, your donation is important! “

Here Nathalie bearing his Capelio Pink Ribbon in a photo behind the scene :


In the press

Today on October 1st was held the press conference to launch the Quebec City in Pink campaign of Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec Foundation. The media were able to meet the women who are involved as “light bearers” for the cause, which means they pledge to raise money for the organization. Here they are :

Québec Ville en Rose - Lancement Campagne Porteurs de lumières

Photo : Quebec Ville en Rose

As a lightbearer, Capelio took part in the event, represented by the beautiful Emilie, face and client of Capelio who even bought two Pink Ribbons as part of the campaign:

Québec Ville en Rose - Lancement Campagne Emilie

Photo : Quebec Ville en Rose

It was not the first time that journalists wrote or spoke about Capelio’s Pink Ribbon campaign. In fact, many newspapers and blogs have covered the campaign (click here to see the list and read the article in French). And it’s not all! On September 23, our Pink Ribbon’s spokeswoman, the columnist and presenter Nathalie Clark, took the opportunity to speak in her weather bulletin of the campaign, with a short interview :

Bulletin météo TVA le ruban rose

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